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GALILEO Green Paper on Satellite Navigation Applications

Press release "Commission is looking for new ways to benefit from Galileo navigation system"  (available in all official languages)

The GREEN PAPER document

The aim of this Green Paper on Satellite Navigation Applications, which addresses all stakeholders, is to launch a discussion on what the public sector can do to create an appropriate policy and legal framework for supporting the development of satellite navigation applications, beyond the financial support for research and the creation of infrastructure.

This Green Paper sets out the framework within which satellite navigation applications are developing and outlined questions for debate. It aims to prompt new ideas from industry, public authorities, consumer groups or consumers themselves in order to define concrete targets and the most appropriate public sector action with regard to GNSS.

A set of questions on applications development, on privacy and ethical issues, on the regulatory environment and others is raised throughout the document: the replies will be analysed by the European Commission, and used as basis for recommendations to the Council and Parliament.

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Public consultation on the Green Paper


GALILEO "FIND YOUR WAY" video contest  for young people from 15 to 25 years old

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