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Press releases




19.09.2008 Press Release
11 candidates short-listed for the next step of the procurement procedure
01.07.2008 Press Release: GALILEO: the procurement for the first constellation of the European navigation satellites will now start





19.09.2007 Press Release: Galileo: the Commission proposes practical measures to ensure the programme's future
26.07.2007 Press Release: United States and the European Union announce final design for GPS-Galileo common civil signal
16.05.2007 Press Release: Galileo at the crossroads: implementing the European satellite radio navigation programmes

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12.12.2006 Press Release: EU and Morocco seal their agreement on GALILEO
08.12.2006 Press Release: Commission is looking for new ways to benefit from Galileo navigation system
30.11.2006 Press Release: Galileo Joint Undertaking: Next step in the Galileo Programme
11.09.2006 Press Release: EU and the Republic of Korea seal their agreement on GALILEO
07.06.2006 Press Release: Commission takes stock of the GALILEO Programme
04.04.2006 Press Release GJU: GALILEO – Fast Forward to the future
23.03.2006 Press Release GJU: Hig Interest in workshop for Galileo receivers
12.01.2006 Press Release: EU and the Republic of Korea seal their agreement


28.12.2005 Press Release: GALILEO on track: successful launch of the GIOVE-A satellite
09.12.2005 Press Release: GALILEO Information Centre for Latin America: cooperation between EU and Latin America on satellite navigation intensifies
01.12.2005 Press Release: European Union and Ukraine sign an agreement on GALILEO
09.11.2005 Press Release: finishing touches before the launch of the first satellite in December
Press Release GJU
08.11.2005 Press Release: EU and Morocco reach agreement on Galileo
25.10.2005 Press Release: Jacques Barrot appoints Karel Van Miert as facilitator for Galileo
07.09.2005 Press Release: The GALILEO family is further expanding: EU and India seal their agreement
06.09.2005 Press Release GJU: The Israeli MATIMOP becomes a member of the Galileo Joint Undertaking
02.08.2005 Press Release: Galileo: Negotiations to start with Norway, Argentina and South Korea
28.07.2005 Press Release GJU: Concrete Involvement of Chinese industries in the Galileo Programme - Three Contracts Signed
06.07.2005 Press Release GJU: Successful tracking of several Tour de France cyclists using the European Satellite Navigation System
27.06.2005 Press Release GJU:  Galileo Concession - The Galileo Joint Undertaking (GJU) will start negotiations
03.06.2005 Press Release: EU and Ukraine seal GALILEO and aviation agreement
24.05.2005 Press Release: Negotiations with South Korea
23.05.2005 Press Release GJU:  Flying with more safety through Africa using European satellite navigation
03.05.2005 Press Release
pdf Nomination of the Executive Director of the Galileo Supervisory Authority
04.04.2005 Press Release
GALILEO: European Commission proposes to open negotiations with Argentina on satellite navigation
01.03.2005 Concession
GALILEO: a new stage in the concession procedure
GJU Press Release
Galileo Joint Undertaking will start the negotiations on the concession contract with both consortia


17.12.2004 Press Release: Information Day in Chile (spanish version)
14.12.2004 Press Release: Information Day in Argentina
10.12.2004 Press Release: GALILEO on the home straight
07.12.2004 Press Release: The Commission proposes opening negotiations with Morocco
09.10.2004 Press Release GJU: Galileo gets a global Vision: The Chinese National Remote Sensing Center (NRSCC) becomes a Member of the Galileo Joint Undertaking
07.10.2004 Press Release: the Commission proposes the transition to the deployment and operational phases
05.10.2004 Press Release Concession:  "Important Step in the Concession Process for Galileo: Galileo Joint Undertaking gives its Evaluation Report to its Shareholders"
27.09.2004 Press Release "GALILEO: Strengthening of the cooperation between the European Union and the Mediterranean Countries"
07.09.2004 International Cooperation
Press Release:  The Commission proposes to open negotiations with Ukraine on satellite navigation
02.09.2004 Concession
Press Release: One important step further in the concession process
14.07.2004 Signature of EU/Israel agreement:
Press Release: EU and Israel seal their agreement on GALILEO
30.06.2004 A Cooperação entre o Brasil e a União Européia no Programa Galileo: mais um passo para um programa mundial de navegação por satélite
29.06.2004 Cooperación entre la Unión Europea y México en GALILEO: Un paso adelante más para el nuevo programa mundial de navegación satelital.
28.06.2004 GALILEO and GPS will navigate side by side: EU and US sign final agreement
02.06.2004 Launch of €67 million call for research, development and demonstration activities
17.03.2004 EU and Israel reach agreement on GALILEO. Under the auspices of the EU, cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is also taking off
26.02.2004 Loyola de Palacio welcomes the outcome of EU/US discussions on GALILEO
06.02.2004 Progress in Galileo-GPS negotiations
06.02.2004 GALILEO: Three operators competing for the concession


09.12.2003 GALILEO: Loyola de Palacio se félicite des offres reçues pour la mise en concession
27.10.2003 GALILEO: Loyola de Palacio welcomes the green light for an EU-China agreement
20.10.2003 GALILEO: launching of the call for a concessionaire
18.09.2003 EU and China are set to collaborate on GALILEO
31.07.2003 Commission proposes the future management structures for GALILEO, the European satellite radionavigation programme
12.06.2003 GALILEO : Loyola de Palacio welcomes the nomination of the Joint Undertaking's Executive Director
20.03.2003 The Commission proposes integrating the EGNOS and GALILEO programmes
13.03.2003 GALILEO: 18 March 2003, Investors' Day
24.02.2003 GALILEO strengthens Euro-Mediterranean partnership
15.01.2003 Galileo goes ahead: the Commission proceeds despite financing difficulties within the ESA



Commission proposes definition of services and guidelines for negotiations with third countries


First steps for Galileo: Commission recruiting Executive Director of the Joint Undertaking


GALILEO: YES, at last 



After Laeken, Loyola de Palacio calls for rapid decisions by Member States because additional delays could compromise the GALILEO project


Independent study confirms economic viability of GALILEO


A Joint Undertaking for GALILEO


GALILEO : the European Commission mobilises 200 million in funding


GALILEO Project: Loyola de Palacio calls for rapid implementation of the programme development phase



Commission reviews results of World Radiocommunications Conference 2000


Continuation of the GALILEO project: the Commission underlines the need for rapid decisions

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