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Time reference

PylonThe advantage of the use of GALILEO in this field is not only derived from the high accuracy obtained by a GALILEO receiver in time determination, but mainly by its interoperability characteristics, which makes the GALILEO time scale accurately steered and synchronised with the widely used UTC (Universal Time Co-ordinate) time scale. Certification of the timing service is also a feature that is mandatory for such types of applications. The time information given by GALILEO will be useful in many areas of applications. Wireless telecommunication networks will use it for network management, for time tagging and for synchronisation of the many frequency references. Power plants and networks will use the common time reference system as well for time stamping, but also as a common reference for all system monitoring and control. 

The scientific community will also have benefits from the use of GALILEO, because the high timing accuracy will allow the maintenance and development of international time standards, and the time and frequency calibration of atomic clocks. Lastly, a certified time stamp is mandatory for applications like electronic banking, e-commerce, stock exchange, quality assurance systems and services, but also many others like traffic light regulation, certified documentation production, etc...

last update: 10-02-2009