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Fishing vesselThe needs of the fishing sector range from day-to-day operational support to the navigation and positioning of fishing vessels. Strict international rules governing intrusion into national waters demand that vessels are monitored to check they work only in designated areas.

Some examples of practical uses of GALILEO:

Navigation and monitoring of fishing vessels

The long journeys and the global nature of fishing activities mean that satellites provide the only viable and reliable method of navigation. Modern fishing vessels travel the globe pursuing commercial returns, at the same time sending regular position reports (position, speed and heading) to their shore-based control centres, and occasionally catch information and a breakdown of fishing effort. National and international laws mean that non-compliance can prove very expensive in terms of fines and withdrawal of fishing rights.

©European Commission's Audiovisual LibraryMonitoring fishing applications

Fishermen need accurate position information to locate their assets. Traditional methods often rely on local knowledge and historical patterns of net laying. Transmissions back to the mothership from free-floating and static devices will improve fishing capabilities.

Uninterrupted views of the sky make the high seas an ideal environment for drawing on satellite technology.


GALILEO Benefits

By integrating GALILEO with other technologies, the fisheries community can benefit from:
- more effective information exchange between vessels and stations
- improved fishing capabilities
- improved navigation aids for fishermen

GALILEO Application Sheet: pdf Agriculture & Fisheries (133 Kb)

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