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| European energy & transport Trends to 2030 (updated 2005)

| European energy & transport Trends to 2030

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| European Energy Outlook to 2020

European Energy Outlook to 2020

The purpose of the volume "European Union energy Outlook to 2020", published in November 1999 under a Shared Analysis Project, was to present a consistent energy outlook for the European Union for the period to 2020. Since predicting the future accurately is not possible, every effort has been made to present the underlying assumptions and causal mechanisms that will drive the likely developments of specific fuels, sectors, technologies and countries. It is hoped that this approach will contribute to a better understanding of the EU energy system and, consequently, will enhance the preparedness of policy makers to face the unavoidable "surprises" of the next 25 years.

Although discussed with the Commission officials, the views expressed in the volume do not engage the Commission and rest under the responsibility of the authors.

An executive summary of the volume is available on-line. It is also available together with additional information on the Shared Analysis Project as well as on the other volumes produced on the project Internet site at 

Recent   figures and data trends in the energy field have also been published in the November 2000 Commission Green Paper  entitled "Towards a European strategy for the security of energy supply".

The "European Union Energy Outlook to 2020" aimed to some extent at updating the study "European Energy to 2020" which was published in 1996 using a four different scenario approach. Much of the analysis presented in that study was still relevant and valid and no effort has been made to repeat it.

The "European Energy to 2020. A scenario approach study" is available on-line:

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