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Energy and Transport in Figures
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2004 Annual energy and transport review
European energy & transport
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European energy & transport
Trends to 2030

Energy & Transport "Report 2000-2004"

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European energy and transport – Trends to 2030

The publication on energy and transport trends to 2030 is available from the sales agents of the Publications Office, the European Union’s publisher.

The “Trends to 2030” publication gives detailed projections on energy and transport for the current EU and the enlarged EU of 25. It also addresses wider European and world developments. These “baseline” projections show how the future energy, transport and CO2 emissions may unfold with a continuation of current trends and policies. They are built on a modelling approach encompassing both energy demand and supply.

The reader will find on this page, in addition to the flyer “just published” announcing the printed edition of the publication from the Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, the publication itself in pdf-format broken down into:

Foreword, introduction and executive summary

Part 1 on world developments
Part 2 on the current EU-15
Part 3 on the 13 candidate countries and on Norway and Switzerland, with a view on Europe-30 encompassing these 15 countries and the current Member States of the Union
Part 4 on EU-25 including the 10 acceding countries

Appendix 1 on key demographic and macro-economic assumptions
Appendix 2 on detailed energy and transport projections for individual countries and groups of countries such as EU-15, EU-25, Europe-30, the acceding countries and the 15 other European countries that are not (yet) Member states

  Flyer “just published”


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