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Energy & Transport : Figures and Main Facts


Energy and Transport in Figures
(Pocket Book)

European energy & transport
Trends to 2030
(Update 2007)

2004 Annual energy and transport review
European energy and transport:
Scenarios on high oil and gas prices

European energy & transport
Scenarios on energy efficiency and renewables

European energy & transport
Scenarios on key drivers

Energy & Transport "Report 2000-2004"

Statistical Office Eurostat


Energy & Transport in figures


|Statistical pocket book 2007

|Legal acts: [Energy]  [Transport]

|Nomenclatures: [NST/R ]  [NUTS]  [NACE]


Statistical pocketbook 2007

Complete print version (216 pages)
Part 1: General (12 pages)
Part 2: Energy (81 pages)June 2008
Part 3: Transport (98 pages)Sept 2008
Part 4: Environment (25 pages)June 2008
Electricity Generation from Renewables
(Extended time series)
(11 pages)
June 2008
Air and Sea ports (62 pages)

Download the files in MS Excel

Part 1: General
Part 2: Energy June 2008
  Part 3: Transport
Part 4: Environment June 2008
Electricity Generation from Renewables
(Extended time series)
June 2008
Air and Sea ports
3.1. Transport General
3.2. Performance of Freight Transport (tkm)
3.3. Performance of Passenger Transport (pkm)
3.4. Performance using other indicators
3.5. Infrastructure Sept 2008
3.6. Means of Transport
3.7. Safety

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