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Energy & Transport : Figures and Main Facts


Energy and Transport in Figures
(Pocket Book)

European energy & transport
Trends to 2030
(Update 2007)

2004 Annual energy and transport review
European energy and transport:
Scenarios on high oil and gas prices

European energy & transport
Scenarios on energy efficiency and renewables

European energy & transport
Scenarios on key drivers

Energy & Transport "Report 2000-2004"

Statistical Office Eurostat



The publications on this page deal with statistical analyses or projections in the field of energy and transport.

The statistical publications concern the

Pocket Book “Energy and Transport in Figures” (annual)

The publications on projections include the latest energy/transport baseline “European Energy and Transport – Trends to 2030” and the European Energy Outlook to 2020, which includes the projections of 1999 entitled “European Union Energy Outlook to 2020” and of 1996: “European Energy to 2020 – a scenario approach”.

This website will be updated regularly to include the latest editions of the above statistical publications as well as new work on projections.


last update: 11-02-2009