7 April 2011

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Commission urges Italy, Poland and Romania to change their end-user price regulation schemes to ensure freedom of choice for consumers

The European Commission formally requested Italy, Poland and Romania to bring their national legislation on regulated end-user energy prices in line with EU rules. EU law on the internal energy market foresees that prices are set primarily by supply and demand. End-user prices set by state intervention put obstacles to new market entrants and therefore deprive consumers and companies of their right to choose the best service on the market.

The Commission has decided to send reasoned opinions to the three Member States. If the Member States do not comply with their legal obligations within two months, the Commission may refer them to the Court of Justice.


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Public consultation on oil and gas offshore safety

Aimed at a wide range of stakeholders and other interested parties, this public consultation is open until 11 May 2011.

It concerns a review of the EU's regulatory frameworks and practices currently governing the protection of health, safety and the environment in the exploration and production activities of the offshore oil and gas sector.

Since the Deepwater Horizon incident in the USA, the EU has been considering whether current regulatory frameworks and practices are adequate for accident prevention, emergency preparedness and response. Following its Communication entitled "Facing the challenge of the safety of offshore oil and gas activities", the Commission is now analysing concrete forms of measures at a broader EU level.


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CCS Project Network Knowledge Sharing Event, Rotterdam, 10 May 2011

On 10 May, a first networking and dissemination event, organised by the European CCS Demonstration Project Network, will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The agenda is now being finalised, and all participants are requested to register in advance.

The event will focus on the six CCS projects receiving funding from the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR). Each project will present its progress to date, lessons learned, and challenges faced in the context of permitting, public engagement and risk management.




EUSEW 2011 – Smart Energy for a Sustainable Future


Under the umbrella of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign, an initiative of the European Commission managed by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness & Innovation (EACI), the EUSEW is Europe’s lead event on energy issues.


The fifth edition of EUSEW will take place in Brussels and in other cities across Europe from Monday 11 to Friday 15 April 2011. In all, almost 100 partners, (i.e. local, regional and national authorities, industry, energy agencies, associations and NGOs), in association with the EACI and DG ENER, will be organizing more than 600 events held in most of the EU countries plus other European countries. There are more than 140 events taking place in Brussels and around 500 expected Energy Days organized at different European countries.


This year’s events cover a range of issues, including: energy efficiency, renewable energy solutions (e.g. biomass, solar, and wind energy), reductions of greenhouse emissions, and sustainable energy for transport. However, EUSEW 2011 will largely focus on "Energy efficiency" as main policy theme and message.


The EUSEW, a major sustainable energy event, will contribute to the achievement of EU energy policy goals and targets in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, clean transport and alternative fuels.




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