10 June 2010

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Commission sets up system for certifying sustainable biofuels

The Commission decided today to encourage industry, governments and NGOs to set up certification schemes for all types of biofuels, including those imported into the EU. It laid down what the schemes must do to be recognised by the Commission. This will help implement the EU's requirements that biofuels must deliver substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and should not come from forests, wetlands and nature protection areas. The rules for certification schemes are part of a set of guidelines explaining how the Renewable Energy Directive, coming into effect in December 2010, should be implemented.

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Press conference by G. Oettinger, European Commissioner for Energy




Strategic Energy Technology Plan – launch of Four European Industrial Initiatives: Wind, Solar, Electricity Grids, Carbon Capture and Storage

Four European Industrial Initiatives of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan were launched on 3 June 2010 in Madrid: Wind, Solar (Photovoltaics and Concentrated Solar Power), Electricity Grids and Carbon Capture and Storage.

The public and private sector engaged in the adventure of accelerating the development of low carbon technologies.

By doing so , the European Commission, the Presidency of the European Union (Spain) , the co-Chairs and Members of the SET-Plan Steering Group, and high-level representatives of the 4 industries  have agreed to support:

(i)Technology Roadmaps (2010-2020) including concrete action plans to develop the technologies and improve their competitiveness,

(ii) Implementation Plans which focus on the priority actions for 2010-2012 and

(iii) light and non-bureaucratic governance structure that involves all of us while preserving full sovereignty over the use of our own resources.

Next step will be to put into operation the actions envisaged by the four sectors. Effective European projects which will make better use of public and private resources and get the most out of them will be developed. These projects will bring the technological competitiveness to the European industries and will pave the way towards a European low carbon economy.

The official launch was marked by the agreement of the public (European Commission and Member States) and private (industries) representatives on a Joint Statement.

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