15 April 2010

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Practical Information

GreenLight and GreenBuilding EU awards: winners save up to 85% of their energy consumption

These awards, launched by the European Commission in 2000 and 2005 respectively, promote the reduction of energy consumption by public and private organisations on a voluntary basis. One of the 12 award winners in the 2010 edition of the GreenLight programme is Dagda town council in Latvia, which reduced its energy consumption in lighting by 85% after joining the initiative in 2007. In the GreenBuilding category, two of the best refurbishment projects, an office building in Austria and a secondary school in Germany, have achieved over 80% of energy savings. These initiatives count over 700 participants all over Europe, who save approximately 545 GWh each year. This is equivalent to the energy used by two mid-size European cities over the same period.

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More: European Commission Joint Research Centre



ENSREG is the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group. It is an independent authoritative expert body composed of senior officials from national regulatory or nuclear safety authorities from all 27 member states in the EU.

ENSREG was established as the High Level Group on Nuclear Safety and Waste Management. It aims to maintain and further improve the safety of nuclear installations in the EU, the safety of the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste in the EU, and financing of the decommissioning of nuclear installations in the EU.
The fundamental principle of ENSREG’s work is that there should be continuous improvement in nuclear safety. Striving for continuous improvement is a vital safeguard against complacency in this important area. ENSREG also aims to develop a common understanding among European nuclear safety regulators concerning the safety of nuclear installations and spent fuel and radioactive waste management.

ENSREG has established three working groups to undertake its work programme. The working groups meet as necessary and report back to ENSREG, which meets at least twice a year.

At least every two years ENSREG has to submit a report on its activities to the European Commission.

Next ENSREG meeting will take place in April in Brussels.




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