8 April 2010

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Practical Information

Public Consultation: Approaches for a possible EU legislative proposal on the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste

The online questionnaire is related to a possible legislative proposal governing the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste, which aims at re-launching a Commission initiative to enact binding legislation in the field.

While it is for each Member State to choose whether or not to invest in nuclear energy, the nuclear safety and security framework applied everywhere in the EU is of common interest. The cross-border impact of nuclear energy and increased international cooperation requires the EU to maintain the highest safety, security, non-proliferation and environmental protection standards for nuclear generation. The EU therefore needs to develop a common legislative framework with respect to the safety of nuclear installations and the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste.

Consultation period: until 31 May 2010

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Statement of Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action, on Council Conclusions today

On 26 March the European Council agreed among its targets on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% compared to 1990 levels; increasing the share of renewables in final energy consumption to 20%; and moving towards a 20% increase in energy efficiency. The Council furthermore emphasised that the EU is committed to take a decision to move to a 30% reduction by 2020 compared to 1990 levels as its conditional offer with a view to a global and comprehensive agreement for the period beyond 2012, provided that other developed countries commit themselves to comparable emission reductions and that developing countries contribute adequately according to their responsibilities and respective capabilities."

Connie Hedegaard is very pleased with this reiterated support from Member States to the Climate Action strategy of the EU, as set out in the Communication of 9th March 2010. The Council conclusions give a strong signal to the European Commission to carry on, ahead of the June Council, with an analysis on what practical policies would be required to implement a 30% reduction, and on its co-benefits for growth and job creation.


The TEN-E Information Day was held on 22 March 2010 and followed on 23 March 2010 by a complementary Information Day, focusing on the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR) and its implementation modalities. Both Information Days took place in Brussels.

The presentations given by the speakers are now online.


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