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Consultation on the Interim evaluation of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology

The objective of the consultation was to ensure that, in addition to the organisations and individuals directly involved in or benefitting from the activities of the EIT, wider stakeholder groups as well as the general public have a say in its future direction. The consultation sought comments and perspectives on the following issues:

  • The relevance and appropriateness of the concept of the EIT/ KICs;
  • To what extent the EIT has succeeded in establishing the conditions that will allow attainment of its long-term objectives (enhancing Europe’s innovation capacity) and to what extent it is delivering against its short-term objectives (improving entrepreneurial and innovation skills, reducing time to market for innovation, new business creation, etc.);
  • The added value of the EIT vis-à-vis other European and national initiatives.

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Consultation on the Evaluation of Youth Policy Cooperation in the EU

This consultation is about how European Union (EU) countries work together on policy for young people. We want to find out how useful and effective you think EU youth policy is.

We want to know if you know about: 

We’d also like to hear what you think about these initiatives, and how you think we can improve cooperation on youth policy.

The consultation closed on 16/10/2016.

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Consultation on “A renewed Modernisation Agenda for Higher Education in the European Union”

The objective of the consultation is to collect the views of stakeholders about the current situation in Europe's higher education systems, as well as on priorities for change. This will feed into reviewing the priorities set out in the "Agenda for the modernisation of Europe's higher education systems" (adopted in 2010). Specifically, the consultation questionnaire focuses on:

  1. the current strengths and weaknesses of higher education in the EU
  2. the priority areas where those in charge of higher education should focus their attention and
  3. how you think the EU should support efforts to improve higher education.

The consultation was open until 29/02/2016

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Consultation on a “European Area of Skills and Qualifications”

The objective of the consultation is to collect the views of stakeholders and individuals on the problems faced by learners and workers with regard to the transparency and recognition of their skills and qualifications when moving within and between EU Member States, on the adequacy of the related European policies and instruments and on the potential benefits of developing a “European Area of Skills and Qualifications”.

The consultation addresses in particular the following issues:

  1. How to place a stronger focus on higher and more relevant skills?
  2. Further strengthening links between education/training, mobility and the labour market
  3. Adapting to internationalisation trends
  4. Ensuring overall coherence of tools and policies and further implementing the learning outcomes approach
  5. Ensuring clarity of rules and procedures for the recognition of skills and qualifications for further learning
  6. Increasing the focus on quality assurance
  7. Providing learners and workers with a single access point to obtain information and services supporting a European area of skills and qualifications.

The consultation was open until 15 April 2014.

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Consultation on a future European Union Culture programme

The objective of the consultation was to gather input on the next incarnation of the culture programme, post 2013, notably its objectives, activities, and the types of support provided.

The consultation was open until 15/12/2010.

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Consultation on a future European Union Culture programme

The European Commission launched a new phase of consultation for the development of a future cultural European programme, replacing the Culture 2000 programme when it ends. The results of the consultation fed into the legislative proposal for the next Culture Programme.

This consultation was closed on the 10th July 2003.

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