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Meetings - experts' costs


Reimbursement forms

The request for reimbursement comprises 4 sheets (only versions below are valid for the process of reimbursing experts' expenses)

  1. Form for PMO – Payment Master Office
  2. Forms for Directorate-General for Budget
  3. Form for PMO – Payment Master Office
    • Sheet 4: Expert identification sheetpdf(35 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 
    • Remark: cases when sheet 4 is necessary
      • In case of a 1st registration to the PMO (your bank details are not known to the European Commission): all sections have to be completed
      • If your bank details have changed: all sections have to be completed
      • If you have forgotten your identification sticker: only sections 1 and 4 have to be completed
      • If your address has changed: only section 1 to be completed
  4. Provide with the required annex(es) when mentioned on the form (on the header or either on the bottom of the form) and note that those forms above include fillable fields; you can print the completed forms and save them to your device.


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