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Calls for proposals


Erasmus+ Programme - Call for proposals 2015

Reference: EAC/A04/2014

Deadlines: 22/01 - 01/10/2015

Programme Guide


Erasmus+ Vocational Education and Training Mobility Charter 2015-2020

Reference: EAC/05/2014

Deadline: 14/05/2015


Calls for tenders


Implementing and disseminating the European Tertiary Education Register

Reference: EAC/01/2015

Deadline: 4/05/2015


Study on comparability of language testing in Europe

Reference: EAC/45/2014

Deadline: 21/01/2015


Enhancing the attractiveness of European higher education in the world

Reference: EAC/24/2014

Deadline: 10/10/2014


Service Provider for the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association

Reference: EAC/09/2014

Deadline: 18/09/2014


Designing and evaluating structural reform in higher education

Reference: EAC/31/2014

Deadline: 29/09/2014


Study on the implementation of the EU Physical Activity Guidelines

Reference: EAC/19/2014

Deadline: 09/09/2014


Study on the minimum quality requirements for dual career services

Reference: EAC/18/2014

Deadline: 29/08/2014


Network of experts on the social dimension of education and training

Reference: EAC/08/2014

Deadline: 08/09/2014


Erasmus+ programme Key action 3: Support for policy reform — Prospective initiatives

Reference: EACEA/10/2014


  • 20/05/2014 for pre-proposal stage
  • 02/10/2014 full proposal stage

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