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Timely High-frequency indicators for global and regional trade – Reference 2015 ECFIN 011/D

The European Commission is launching a call for proposals for the construction and monthly production of timely indicators of global and regional trade developments. The global indicators are constructed bottom-up from regional indicators. The regional level includes all EU Member States, as well as the Candidate Countries.

The indicators of global trade are essential elements in the timely assessment of the global cycle. These high-frequency indicators are actively used in the Commission to monitor and forecast  trade and GDP of EU and non-EU countries and regions. They have become an essential part of the analysis of global activity in the Commission’s tri-annual forecast exercises and many other external and internal notes.

This co-operation shall take the form of a framework partnership agreement between the Commission and one beneficiary over a period of four years. Under this framework partnership agreement, which will specify the common objectives and the nature of the actions planned, four specific annual grant agreements may be concluded between the parties.

Instructions and rules for drawing up and submitting proposals, covering all relevant information, formalities and documentation:

Specifications of the call for proposalspdf(340 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

The proposals must be presented in three sections:

I. The administrative proposal must include :

Grant application formmsw8(189 kB) Choose translations of the previous link  containing compulsory standard forms (unless explicitly indicated that documents are to be submitted in free format):

  1. Form 1 Application letter
  2. Form 2 Administrative information
  3. Form 3 Consortium (joint proposal): mandate for co-ordinating applicant (if applicable)
  4. Form 4 Affiliated entity's statement (if applicable)
  5. Form 5a Declaration on honour (for low value grants ≤ 60 000 EUR)


Form 5b Declaration on honour (for grants > 60 000 EUR)

on exclusion criteria, operational and financial capacity (choose the right form, applicable for grants > 60 000 EUR or for grants ≤ 60 000 EUR)

  1. Form 6 Financial capacity - key figures  together with balance sheets and profit and loss accounts for the last two financial years for which the accounts have been closed (not applicable for public bodies and grants ≤ 60 000 EUR )
  2. Form 7 Operational capacity - details
    together with
    • CVs in terms of profile, experience and qualifications of the people primarily responsible for managing and implementing the action
    • Description of operational organisation for producing the data set: infrastructure, technical equipment, facilities, resources
    • Current organisational chart
    • Experience of subcontractor(s), if relevant
  3. Standard legal entity form to be downloaded
  4. Standard financial identification form to be downloaded

II. The technical proposal must include:

  1. A detailed description of the action (free format) with relevant supporting documents including a justification and a detailed description of the tasks to be subcontracted, if applicable. (Please read carefully the award criteria set out in point 9 of the specifications of the Call for proposals)

III. The financial proposal must include:

  1. A duly completed and detailed budget proposal (see below Annex II of the model specific agreement for year) 1 of the action (1 June 2016 - 31 May 2017) which must show a balanced budget (revenue/ expenditure)  

Documentation regarding the financial aspects of the grant:

Model framework partnership agreementpdf(569 kB) Choose translations of the previous link  (FPA) and its annexes:

Model specific grant agreementpdf(534 kB) Choose translations of the previous link  (SGA) and its annexes:

Please note that all forms must be duly completed and signed; where needed free format documentation must be included.

Deadline for submitting proposals

Applications must be sent no later than 20 January 2016 (date of postmark or date of deposit slip to courier service or date of receipt by Commission when delivery by hand) to the address specified in point 14.1 of the specifications of the Call for proposals. Please read carefully the instructions set out in point 14 of the specifications of the Call for proposals.

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