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Pre-information notice for a low value contract – Automated Feed of Valuation Prices and Rates for Financial Market Instruments– reference ECFIN 2013 002/A

The Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) is planning to conclude a one-year contract with a company capable of delivering financial data for portfolio pricing, which can automatically be fed into the European Commission's accounting and treasury system.

Portfolios and funds under the management of the Commission require a regular pricing for portfolio and risk management purposes, performance calculation and accounting. We are looking for a company, with a long experience in the price evaluation domain; capable to deliver reliable and quality checked data, and more particularly a reliable automated price feed for security prices, benchmark returns and money market reference rates. There is no need of a real-time price feed. The services required by the Commission should not only cover the provision of high quality financial data but also the technical (IT) requirements, to ensure compatibility with the ECFIN's IT infrastructure.

The indicative budget for the service will be €40.000, all costs included.

DG ECFIN intends to invite potential candidates and send them the tender specifications with full details during the month of April 2013. If you would like to be considered for this contract, please contact DG ECFIN via by Friday 5th April 2013. No other communication should be addressed to this mailbox. For any other information, please contact Ms Anne Delire, e-mail . Candidates are however reminded that at this stage no details on the tender specifications can be communicated. Friday 5th April 2013

This invitation/notice is in no way binding on the European Commission. The Commission's contractual obligation commences only upon signature of the contract with the successful candidate. Up to the point of signature, DG ECFIN may either abandon the procurement or cancel the award procedure, without the candidates being entitled to claim any compensation. Candidates will be notified.

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