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What we do

What we do

DG CONNECT mission statement

The DG helps to harness information & communications technologies in order to create jobs and generate economic growth; to provide better goods and services for all; and to build on the greater empowerment which digital technologies can bring in order to create a better world, now and for future generations.

To help achieve this, we:

  1. Support the kind of high-quality research & innovation which delivers imaginative, practical and value-enhancing results;
  2. Foster creativity through a European data value-chain in which anyone can share knowledge;
  3. Promote greater use of, and public access to, digital goods and digital services, including "cloud" computing, in order to boost the European single market;
  4. Ensure that those goods and services are more secure, that people can trust the rapidly evolving technologies which surround them, and that people have the right skills and confidence to use them as part of everyday life;
  5. Work with partners globally to support an open Internet.

We live our values as a creative, responsible and open European Union public service. We work on the best available evidence, and we cooperate closely with all our stakeholders. Our procedures are fully transparent, and we assume accountability for our actions. We seek value for the taxpayer's money in all we do.


Themes that we cover

Improving conditions for Innovation, Growth and Jobs

The economy is constantly changing and information and communication technology is leading that transformation. Our challenge is to ensure that Europe is in a position to seize the great opportunities ahead by putting in place the building blocks of the economy of the future.

Funding major research and innovation themes

Our programmes fund projects bringing together Europe's best scientists and engineers to achieve excellence in science. Turning research and ideas in the area of ICT into innovative services and products is key, as is supporting the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Seizing major opportunities for Europe

We are investing in several operational programmes which bring together the main players throughout Europe and the wider world, across public and private sectors. We aim to mobilise in new ways for more effectiveness and pioneer new forms of participation, innovation and social interaction.

Ensuring ICT benefits society

The Internet has shifted norms, behaviours, social attitudes. How will ICT continue to mould our societies, what are the opportunities and the risks? We are working at the intersection of technology and humanities to develop policies to build the future we want.

Shaping a strategic vision

How do we want the world to look like in 2050 and what do we need to do now to get there? As technological change accelerates and combines with demographic, environmental and other forces, what will be our long term challenges and opportunities? We are working to develop a sturdy strategic vision for Europe in the world.