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Support transition to Horizon 2020 in the Net Futures Directorate

Support transition to Horizon 2020 in the Net Futures Directorate


We aim to be proactive in ensuring proper business continuity, and to work in line with the principles and processes laid down by senior management.We seek to help DG CONNECT develop as an efficient and effective modern public administration.We aim to be prepared for the changes that will result from the implementation of H2020, to inform and support our Directorate's operations about this and the impact of the new Financial Regulation ("FR") and to help design/fine-tune procedures and processes which are adapted to the new legal environments.


Business Continuity, enabling DG CONNECT to operate as an effective modern administration, and preparing for and supporting the transition to H2020.


The legal framework governing how financial matters are dealt with in the EU changed on 01 January 2013 with the entry into force of the new Financial Regulation and its Related Administrative Procedures ("FR + RAP"). This has resulted in a number of changes to the way that procurement and grants are handled.Our Unit, together with other Administration and Finance Units ("AFUs") and central CONNECT units, will assist in the preparation of H2020 (e.g. new rules and guidelines).In parallel to the transition to H2020, our Unit, together with other AFUs and central CONNECT units will have to handle the legacy and ensure a smooth closing of FP7/CIP programmes with limited resources (staff reduction).The Commission level decision on the new governance modes has not yet been adopted, leading to some uncertainties on the Commission services in charge of the implementation of H2020.In addition, the delay in the adoption of the new Multiannual Financial Framework ("MFF") triggers a delay in the adoption of the H2020 Work Programmes. Our Unit, together with other AFUs and central CONNECT units, might have to assist in the preparation of calls related to areas even though potentially subjected to delegation of budget management.


Full-Time Equivalent: 
1.00 full-time equivalent (FTE)
  • Information: IT systems under development (SYGMA and COMPASS).
  • Available trainings/workshop on H2020, mainly under the lead of central units.
Administration & Finance (Unit E.5)

Ensured Business continuity

Timeframe: Ongoing



Set-up appropriate monitoring tools

Target monitoring tools set up + regular meetings organized and/or attended (business continuity review meetings every month and AFU meetings every two weeks)(Ongoing)

Provide input for contribution to H2020 rules

Timeframe: End 2013



Contribution to working groups with specific AFU input upon requests of central units

Target Participate in relevant working groups(End 2013)

Adapt procedures to new H2020 rules

Timeframe: Q1 2014 (H2020)



New procedures established

Target All procedures compliant with new H2020 rules(Q1 2014 (H2020))

Full use made of modern working tools at our disposal

Timeframe: End of 2014



All staff use "Connected" (our Jive intranet platform)

Target 20% reduction of information e-mails(End of 2014)

Smooth legacy of FP7/CIP programmes in parallel to H2020 start

Timeframe: From end of 2014 until end of 2018



Average Gross Time to Payment during the parallel running of programs

Target No increase in average Gross Time to Payment compared to benchmark (end of 2013)(From end of 2014 until end of 2018)

Support to set up of governance (i) with executive agencies in charge of delegation of budget management and (ii) with centralized common support services

Timeframe: End of 2014



Service Level Agreement

Target Service Level Agreement adopted by management and operational guidance in place(End of 2014)

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  • DG CONNECT is a lean, modern, effective and efficient public administration

Helping DG CONNECT and the Directorate to meet its DAE and H2020 goals.