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Management and Operations Support in the Media&Data Directorate

Management and Operations Support in the Media&Data Directorate

Administration & Finance (Unit G.5)

We seek to help DG CONNECT develop as an efficient and effective modern public administration. To this end, we aim to provide a high-quality, prompt and adequate level of support/advice to the Directorate's management and all the Directorate's operations, whilst respecting the segregation of duties and the legal environment in force. In addition, we seek to foster a better learning culture and knowledge sharing across the Directorate.


The Administration and Finance Unit ("AFU")'s role under this priority includes a wide set of support actions to the Directorate, in particular:

  • Ways of working together/knowledge-sharing, including the management of the training activities for the Directorate,
  • Procurement
    • support to and verification/authorisation of all Directorate operations concerning public procurement and studies;
  • Coordination
    • Directorate planning and reporting, including for budget issues and administrative expenditure;
    • internal control issues;
    • internal audit follow-up;
  • Resources
    • HR and staff engagement;
    • document management;
    • IT/web (content provisions, Directorate coordination, infrastructure, equipment);
  • Infrastructure (offices, equipment)

All actions are carried out in close cooperation with the operational units and the relevant central units.Note :  "Directorate" must be taken to mean the units based in Luxembourg, namely G2,G3 and G4 and A2(Robotics), for which G5 acts as "Administration & Finance Unit"

  • At times units work in silos, without the necessary cross-unit collaboration which would lead to more efficient and effective design and planning of work. Units do not share knowledge and best practices sufficiently, which would lead to more efficient and effective implementation of work and expertise development.
  • Financial files are not always handled consistently between units and financial rules may at times be interpreted in a non-coherent manner, exposing the Commission to reputational risk.
  • The legal framework governing the implementation of H2020, including new management modes, came into force on 01 January 2014. This has resulted in a number of changes to the way that grants are handled. Our Unit, together with other Administration and Finance Units and central CONNECT units, will assist in the implementation of H2020 (e.g. new procedures/processes and guidelines).
  • Fewer human resources are available to achieve the mission of the Unit and the Directorate.
  • Tendering for studies is occasionally implemented late, potentially leading to non-optimal budget consumption.
Financial Regulation and its Rules of Application. Staff Regulations.


Full-Time Equivalent: 
9.00 full-time equivalent (FTE)
Collaboration with other DGs or agencies:
450 Meuro in the course of 2014-2015

Information:Knowledge bases - CONNECTED (our intranet), iKnow+ (on-line training tool), the Manual of Procedures, AGE (an internal Commission FAQ forum), iFlow (our IT tool for tracking financial transactions) etc.Available guidelines/checklists/trainings, mostly coordinated by central units.Knowledge networks, either directorate specific or under the lead of central units (Administration and Finance Units; Ex-Post Audit Correspondents; Financial Correspondents; Audit, Internal Control and Budgetary Committee).Team building initiatives including Away Days.


Adapt procedures to new H2020 rules



New procedures established.

Target All procedures compliant with new H2020 rules.

Business continuity is ensured



Set up appropriate monitoring tools (e.g. set up regular business continuity meetings, participate in cross-directorate AFU meetings + timely communication and monitoring of business continuity priorities to operational units).

Target regular meetings organized and/or attended AFU meetings every two weeks.

Maximum use is made of the modern working tools at our disposal



All staff use "Connected" (our Jive intranet platform) as an information tool and to communicate on a regular basis.

Target 20% reduction of information e-mails

Share knowledge about new H2020 rules



Organization of ad-hoc meetings in Directorate knowledge-sharing networks to provide training on new H2020 rules. Participation to and promotion of H2020 trainings under the lead of central units (mainly Programme Operations Unit).

Target participation in relevant central trainings.

Support to set up of governance (i) with executive agencies in charge of delegation of budget management and (ii) with centralized common support services



Governance arrangements and operational guidance in place.

Target Governance arrangements adopted by management and operational guidance in place.

Budget monitoring

Proper monitoring of operational budget planning, execution and consumption

Timeframe: According to deadlines set out by management



Timely delivery of budget planning and no deviation (actual vs. budget)

Target Full budget consumption and no deviation with forecast (According to deadlines set out by management)

Directorate G / central finance unit.

Consistency in the handling/treatment of files

Timeframe: Ongoing



Set up and participation in regular meetings to ensure a consistent approach (e.g. regular team meetings, Directorate management coordination meetings, cross-Directorate meetings of Administration and Finance Units, clinics/workshops led by central unit)

Target - Bi-monthly AFU meetings, knowledge networks per relevant area (financial assistants, project officers). (Ongoing)

Directorate G

Delivery of Directorate Management Report ("DMR") / Annual Activity Report ("AAR") and contribution to High Level Risk Assessment ("HLRA")

Timeframe: According to deadlines set out by management



Timely delivery of DMR / AAR and timely contribution for HLRA

Target timely delivery of contribution (According to deadlines set out by management)

Early planning and timely implementation of studies and other procurement actions (including CEF calls for tender)

  • timely planning by operational services
  • timely tender specifications
  • timely awarding of contracts


Timeframe: - planning by Oct/Nov of year-1



Early planning and timely implementation of studies and other procurements

Target no budget lost due to late launch or late contracting (End November each year)

Directorate G / central finance unit

Use of human resources

The Directorate makes full use of the human resources available to it to reach its objectives

Timeframe: end 2014



Time for filling in vacancies

Target no post vacant for more than 3 months (Ongoing)

Central Human Resources Unit


Directorate support

Prompt and high-quality level of support and guidance/feedback, to ensure efficient daily operations in compliance with legal environment and management's instructions. 

Timeframe: End 2014



Internal stakeholder's satisfaction survey (lead indicator)

Target 75% satisfaction rate in survey conducted every year (End of each year)
Baseline Satisfaction rate (end of 2014) (end of year)

Link to DG CONNECT's Top Level Targets

  • DG CONNECT is a lean, modern, effective and efficient public administration

Helping DG CONNECT and our Directorate to meet their DAE and H2020/CEF goals.