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Open data

Open data


Contribute to implementing and further developing the Commission's open data strategy, by ensuring discussions and feedback inside the Commission, and between the Commission and all other stakeholders, on how open data can best achieve public interest objectives including growth and jobs, and the role which the Commission should play in this.

  1. Advising DG CONNECT management team (MT) on cross-cutting issues related to open data
  2. Reinforcing links with other DGs and links with stakeholders outside Commission in area of open data
  3. Piloting PSI Directive amendment proposal through legislative procedure
  1. Untapped business and economic opportunities: data is the new gold; possible direct and indirect gains of €140bln across the EU27
  2. Better governance and citizen empowerment:  open data increases transparency, citizen participation and administrative efficiency and accountability
  3. Addressing societal challenges: data can enhance sustainability of health care systems; essential for tackling environmental challenges  

Current barriers include

  • A lack of information that certain data actually exists and is available;
  • A lack of clarity of which public authority holds the data;
  • A lack of clarity about the terms of re-use;
  • Data which is made available only in formats that are difficult or expensive to use;
  • Complicated licensing procedures or prohibitive fees;
  • Exclusive re-use agreements with one commercial actor or re-use restricted to a government-owned company.


Full-Time Equivalent: 
1.00 full-time equivalent (FTE)
no specific resources needed. Participation in the general mission budget should be foreseen (travelling for e.g. meetings conferences etc.), under control of the line manager