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Knowledge Transfer to optimise the role of DG CONNECT

Knowledge Transfer to optimise the role of DG CONNECT

Knowledge Sharing (Unit 02)

Our vision is a smarter, lighter, coherent and evidence-based policymaking in DG CONNECT and the European Commission.

  1. Within DG CONNECT: To identify, assess and coordinate transfer of cross-cutting research and innovation results into new policy recommendations and of policy requirements into new research and innovation priorities.
  2. Beyond DG CONNECT: To identify specific opportunities where the understanding of the pervasive and transformational role of ICT is relatively unexplored with a view to improving the socio-economic impact of the Directorate-General activities.

One of the five objectives of the Impact Assessment of H2020 states that EU action should "provide customer-driven scientific and technical support to Union policies". It becomes therefore necessary to feed scientific advice into EU policy anticipation, formulation, adoption, implementation and evaluation. As a knowledge-sharing unit, we seek to ensure the information, understanding and cooperation necessary to devise and implement sound, efficient, equitable, proportionate and transparent policies in DG CONNECT.Furthermore, ICT as currently deployed is already having a profound impact on economic and social development and the well-being of European citizens. This is not yet fully understood in many EU policy areas where legislation is often ICT- (or even simply Internet-) 'unaware'. Opportunities for delivering optimal, evidence-based decisions for societal and economic challenges are missed. Therefore, sound and bold approaches, including cross-DG collaboration, must be further developed to make EU legislation as relevant as possible.


Full-Time Equivalent: 
3.00 full-time equivalent (FTE)
Budget for tools, support, studies, missions, trainings, meetings with experts and occasional travels



Within DG CONNECT: a behavioural economics approach

Coordination of a coherent application of a Behavioural Economics (BE) approach to improve the design or increase the effectiveness of DG CONNECT's policy initiatives in several areas.

Timeframe: June 2013-June 2014



number of awareness-raising initiatives coordinated

Within DG CONNECT: specific initiatives

Initiatives on specific areas where closer linkages need to be established between policy domains and/or research in DG CONNECT such as  studies on 'Multiple Disciplinarity', H2020 cross-cutting topics, privacy, ethics, etc.

Timeframe: 2014



number of initiatives to which the Knowledge Sharing unit is contributing (lead indicator)


Better regulation

Support in delivering better, lighter, simpler regulation EC wide, including an ICT perspective - ensuring that prioritised upcoming legislative initiatives are made Internet and communications channel inclusive

Timeframe: 2014



number of legislative initiatives written to be Internet and communications channel inclusive

Target 3 (2014)
Baseline 1 (2013)

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