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Knowledge Sharing: Metrics in DG CONNECT

Knowledge Sharing: Metrics in DG CONNECT


Our vision is to put ICT at the heart of efficient, cost-effective public services that are responsive to the real needs of society and deliver in a transparent and accountable manner.


Our priority is to establish a continuous process whereby metrics, being regularly updated, analysed and exploited, become a powerful tool in support of organisational change and a reference point in decision making at all levels in the Directorate-General.


Important work has been done in DG CONNECT on metrics, e.g. in the annual Work Programmes, the Digital Agenda for Europe Scoreboard, the annual monitoring of Patents and Publications in FP7-ICT, the DG's Annual Management Plan. This has been enhanced by a systematic approach where metrics allow the establishment of performance targets and the evidence-based monitoring of all activities and priorities in DG CONNECT and at different levels of granularity. This approach has been constructed in a transparent, open and inclusive manner and validated through the open consultation launched in the first half of 2013. Following the integration of this 'crowd-sourcing' exercise in the reflections on each priority, all the metrics documents have become a stable and regularly updated part of the DG's website.However, more effort is needed in further refining the metrics used, improving data collection, and mainstreaming 'impact thinking' into all our processes. Furthermore, a top-level approach that links to the unit-level metrics is currently work in progress.


Full-Time Equivalent: 
2.50 full-time equivalent (FTE)
400.000EUR for consultancy support in 2013
  • Collaboration with all Units in the Directorate-General, Task Forces, Advisors
  • Consultancy support (from April to June 2013)
Knowledge Sharing (Unit 02)

Content management system for metrics

Coordination of a joined-up work within the Directorate-General to create a content management system that automatically integrates the senior management dashboard, unit-level metrics and management plan, and the Annual Management Plan of DG CONNECT.

Timeframe: end 2013



number of planning information requests to DG CONNECT units

Baseline one request for each planning & reporting process (2013)
Target one single information request for all planning & reporting processes(end 2013)

Steering the use of metrics in DG CONNECT

  • Raising awareness through (1) direct support to all units and (2) online communication and discussions on the social-media type intranet.
  • Monitoring usage of the dashboard and unit-level metrics, identifyng and addressing the obstacles limiting adoption. This includes training for the use of the dashboard, when needed.

Take-up, satisfaction and trust in the tools (unit-metrics and DG management dashboard) measured through a survey in 2014.



frequency of updates made by units to their metrics documents (lead indicator)

Baseline currently updates are done in DG-wide cycles and not necessarily tailored to each unit's needs (2013)
Target metrics documents are actively used in the management of units and updated accordingly(2014)

Impact thinking mainstreamed in DG CONNECT

Higher awareness on metrics in the Directorate-General, steering impact thinking at all levels.



share of new strategies/initiatives illustrated by adequately quantified metrics

Target inclusion of metrics at output and impact level for 50% of new initiatives by (Q4 2014)

Link to DG CONNECT's Top Level Targets

  • DG CONNECT is a lean, modern, effective and efficient public administration