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Metrics and Impact Assessment

Metrics and Impact Assessment

Knowledge Sharing (Unit 02)

DG CONNECT is a modern, digitally enabled, open and participative public administration delivering clear added value of regulation to its stakeholders. This is achieved with the support of exemplary Impact Assessment processes and by putting ICT at the heart of efficient, cost-effective public services that are responsive to the real needs of society and delivered in a tansparent and accountable manner.


The action consists, on the one hand, to develop a process to measure the performance of the Directorate-General against priorities set at unit level and senior management level and, on the other hand, to steadily improve the planning, development and outcomes of impact assessment studies and help achieve high "impact thinking" across the whole organisation.Both metrics and imapct assessments are expected to become powerful tools in support of organisational change as well as reference points in evidence-based decision making at all levels in the Directorate-General.


Important work was done on metrics e.g. in the annual Work Programmes, the Digital Agenda for Europe Scoreboard, the annual monitoring of Patents and Publications in FP7-ICT, the DG's Annual Management Plan. This has been enhanced by a systematic approach launched in 2012 where metrics allow monitoring performance targets and base the decision-making processes on evidence regarding all activities and priorities in DG CONNECT and at different levels of granularity. The success rate of DG CONNECT impact assessments matched for the first time in 2012 the mean impact assessment success rate of all Directorates-General (at first-time submission to the Impact Assessment Board). This achievement needs to be both enhanced and sustained by complying better with the existing Commission's impact assessment guidelines and REFIT exercise for better regulation. Also the unit should lead cooperation with the Secretariat General to revise the IA guidelines to make them digitally aware. This implies in particular that DG CONNECT improves further its impact assessment planning, consultation and development processes.

Communication on Smart Regulation in the European Union in 2010 (COM(2010) 543 final): Impact Assessment: REFIT:


Full-Time Equivalent: 
Collaboration with other DGs or agencies:

Metrics: all DG CONNECT units, task forces and advisers.Impact Assessment: all operational units that develop impact assessments in the Directorate-General; Secretariat General; other Directorates-General.


Support to DG CONNECT units, developing an impact assessment

Timeframe: 2015



Percentage of meetings of Impact Assessment Steering Groups or of the Impact Assessment Board, which the Knowledge Sharing unit facilitated

Target 90% (end 2015)
Current Achievement 2013: 82% (2013 target: 80%)

Dashboard for DG CONNECT

Coordination of the Dashboard Working Group, with substantial contributions from the Communication Unit, the Knowledge base Unit, the People Unit and others.The Working Group delivered mid-2014:- a Dashboard for DG CONNECT- an online platform for the unit-level priority fiches- an online Unit Management PlanThe three tools are inter-related and feed information into the DG CONNECT Management Plan. 

Timeframe: Beta version by June 2014, adjustments ongoing to early 2015



Response by the Knowledge Sharing unit to feedback on the dashboard from new commissioner

Target No open questions about dashboard with new commissionner by the end of 2014

Fit for purpose Impact Assessment in DG CONNECT



acceptance rate at first submission to IAB of DG CONNECT planned IA (lead indicator)

Target 100% (2014)
Baseline first time submission success rate (50%) came in line with the mean performance of all Directorates-General (performance gap filled) (2012)

IAB responses

Impact thinking mainstreamed in DG CONNECT

Impact thinking is embedded into DG CONNECT way of working and the DG is performant in its Impact Assessments.

Timeframe: 2015



Acceptance rate of planned DG CONNECT impact assessments at first submission to Impact Assessment Board

Target 75% (end 2015)
Current Achievement 2013: 66% (2/3) = 2013 target (70%) to the nearest rounding

Satisfaction rate amongst DG CONNECT Units with the Knowledge Sharing Unit's support offered on their priority fiches and Impact Assessment (lead indicator)

Target 80% of respondents are happy with the support received (end 2014; survey covering 2013 and 2014 activities)
Baseline NA

Link to DG CONNECT's Top Level Targets

  • DG CONNECT is a lean, modern, effective and efficient public administration

Contribution to achieving the on-going Better Regulation imperative: "simpler, lighter, better, less".