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Knowledge Sharing and Foresight

Knowledge Sharing and Foresight

Knowledge Sharing (Unit 02)

To support the transformation of DG CONNECT into a knowledge-based, collaborative, efficient, responsive and forward-looking organisation whose key values are teamwork, transparency and innovation. This goal must be seen as part of the broader ambition to promote smarter, lighter, more coherent and evidence-based policy-making in DG CONNECT, to share the experience gained with all Commission services, and to lead by example in transforming the way the European institutions serve the citizens.


To enable cultural change towards fully open knowledge sharing in DG CONNECT through tools, processes and strategies helping the organisation to deliver better on its mission. To reinforce the transfer of cross-cutting research and innovation results into new policy recommendations and of policy requirements into new research and innovation priorities. To identify opportunities for improving the socio-economic impact of DG CONNECT activities, where the pervasive and transformational role of ICT is yet unexplored. To explore long-term visions and policy challenges by combining the openness, agility and informality of social networks with a sound foresight methodology.


Firstly, DG CONNECT has undertaken a shift from its focus on three areas – policy, regulation and research/innovation – towards structures and working methods that consider these areas of activity in a more integrated way. Secondly, in order to reinforce effective in-house knowledge sharing and collaboration DG CONNECT has designed and implemented from July 2012 a pilot internal social collaboration platform (called "CONNECTED").  Thirdly, DG CONNECT is committed to feed scientific advice into EU policy anticipation, formulation, adoption, implementation and evaluation with a view to providing customer-driven scientific and technical support to European Union policies. Fourthly, ICT as currently deployed is already having a profound impact on economic and social development and the well-being of European citizens. Lastly, between 2011 and 2013 DG CONNECT developed a platform – Futurium – with the primary purpose of hosting and curating visions and policy ideas far beyond the Digital Agenda and Europe 2020, tapping into the collective wisdom and creativity of stakeholders.

DG CONNECT: New principles and processes in DG CONNECT: Futurium: DAE scoreboard: REFIT:


Full-Time Equivalent: 
for tools, studies, missions, trainings, meetings with experts and occasional travels

A flexible foresight capability for DG CONNECT

Timeframe: 2014 - 15



Coaching of DG CONNECT units in foresight methodologies

Target 6 coaching sessions (2014 -15)

ICT proofed policy initiatives

Policy initiatives that are explicitly designed in full cognisance of the Internet and communication networks i.e. are "Internet-ready"

Timeframe: 2014 - 15



Implemented recommendations of the study "Optimising the role of ICT in EU policy delivery"

Support to cross cutting initiatives in DG CONNECT

Following 8 months of internal consultations, unit 02 released in June 2014 a report "Working together for change: a de-siloed Commission for joined-up service". This report makes seven recommendations pointing at an ambitious transformation of the Directorate-General through the integration of its previous independent activities - Policy, Regulation, and Research/Innovation.

Timeframe: 2014 - 15



Number of proposed initiatives that are supported and implemented at DG CONNECT level

Target 3 (out of 7)

A useful interactive knowledge-sharing platform (CONNECTED)

Timeframe: 2014



Staff activity levels on the CONNECTED platform (lead indicator)

Target 70% (end 2014)
Baseline 60% (2013)

Better practice of online collaboration in DG CONNECT



User feedback through surveys and interviews on knowledge sharing possibilities enabled by the CONNECTED platform

Target 75% of the users satisfied about knowledge sharing possibilities (end 2014)

Change in collaboration culture in DG CONNECT

Timeframe: 2014 - 15



Number of new management and collaboration practices adopted across DG CONNECT

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  • DG CONNECT is a lean, modern, effective and efficient public administration