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Internet governance

Internet governance

International (Unit D.1)

Our vision is to maintain a global model of Internet governance,  reformed in line with the principles agreed through a multi-stakeholder process. The principles should allow for Civic responsibility; One internet; Multi-stakeholder governance of the Internet; Pro-democracy; Architecture matters; Confidence of users and Transparent governance.


Our priority is to be actively involved and where possible show EU leadership in the relevant on-going discussions to ensure that any International initiative taken remains compatible with our goals. This will involve our active engagement in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), G8, the Council of Europe and the various UN processes including the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). These events and discussions will take place in 2014 and 2015 and may even run into 2016.Concrete deliverables within the on-going tasks include: 1. The establishment of the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO), as a networked hub collecting, analysing, sharing real-time information on internet policy developments and decisions across the word; 2. The active participation in 'shaping' the future Internet Governance model, including the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) transition process (focusing on key meetings, the Sao Paulo, the High-Level meeting in London and the ITU PP, the WSIS). 3. The implementation of the actions in February 2014 Communication on internet governance and 4. The management of the .eu domain name.


The current multi stakeholder approach to internet governance is very complex and lacks both transparency and accountability in order for all actors to fully adhere to the way of the Internet is current governed. We need to ensure that the global principles for Internet Governance continue to develop in line with the principles presented in the Commission Communication on Internet Policy & Governance, through enhanced coordination with EU MS and a proactive presence in international fora. Furthermore, the Commission has presented an EU vision for Internet governance as part of the overall Internet strategy.The current institutional set up needs to be strengthened and streamlined, including the functioning of the Governmental advisory Committee (GAC) to ICANN and an IGF better focussed on main challenges in producing concrete deliverables.  The complexity of the current multi stakeholder approach to Internet Governance has to be further developed in a comprehensible manner so as to ensure inclusiveness of all actors. The establishment of GIPO will contribute to this.The .eu domain name is under direct responsibility of the European Commission. The management contract is being renewed and CONNECT needs to reflect on a review of the legal framework.


Full-Time Equivalent: 
6.50 full-time equivalent (FTE)
Approx. €500 000 in financial contribution for a LEIT project in the context of GIPO

GIPO up and running

GIPO up and running

Timeframe: 3Q 2015



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Baseline end 2015 ( baseline set at 2Q 2015)

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  • DAE - To increase regular internet usage from 60 % to 75 % by2015, and from 41 % to 60 % among disadvantaged people