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Implementation of grants in the Media & Data Directorate

Implementation of grants in the Media & Data Directorate

Administration & Finance (Unit G.5)

An efficient, timely implementation and full execution of the operational and administrative credits contributes to a proper financial management of the DG. Streamlining the financial rules and accelerating budget implementation will help economic recovery in the current financial crisis. Simplification of financial rules and procedures will lead to a more positive image of the institution and reduce overheads for the beneficiaries. The most efficient and effective manner should be found without compromising the quality of the projects or the indispensable checks that ensure sound financial management.


To ensure the coordination and implementation of all financial and contractual matters concerning FP7 Research projects for ICT, CIP, SIP, ECP, CEF, H2020 actions as well as administrative expenditure for events and studies with as result full budget consumption and achievement of targets for time to contract/payment. To give assurance that directorate operates in compliance in the directorate with the financial regulation, internal control standards and accounting rules.

  • Note : "Directorate" must be taken to mean the units based in Luxembourg, namely G2,G3, G4 and A2 (Robotics), for which G5 acts as 'Administration and Finance Unit'.


  • Speeding up the processes by complying with the targets set for payment times and time to contract in the new Financial Regulation that came into force on 01/01/2013 shortening the time to pay.
  • In H2020 grant agreement should be signed within 8 (5+3) months of the closure of the call for proposals ("time to grant").
  • Amendments of existing contracts can take a long time which might have a negative impact on the acceleration of payment times. Delays can both occur on EC and consortium side. This can have a negative impact (delay) if an amendment is needed before a payment can be made.
  • Conclusion of audits and the implementation of the results is a very lengthy process, on the one hand doing right to the beneficiary with a contradictory procedure, on the other hand creating uncertainty on the final outcome for both beneficiary and the consortium and suspension of payments in some cases.



Full-Time Equivalent: 
10.00 full-time equivalent (FTE)
Collaboration with other DGs or agencies:
The budget available for the Directorate: We currently envisage a total of 450 M over 2014-2015, for the H2020 and CEF programmes

100 % of payments done on time

  • 100% of payments done within the FR rules (90 days for grants, 30 days for other payments). Although a clear target, there might be cases that for reasons of sound financial management these deadlines cannot be met.
  • Gross time to pay and transparency. More than the legal time limits beneficiaries are interested in having precise information of the status of the payments (similar to package delivery tracking, Track and Trace for Transparency) as well as the total time to pay.


Timeframe: end 2014



Net time to payment (lead indicator)

Target 100 % (Q4 2014)
Baseline 98 % (31.07.2013)

Smooth Implementation of legacy FP7/CIP programmes in parallel to H2020 start



Average gross time to pay

Target No increase in Average Gross time to Payment compared to benchmark (2014-2018)

Audit implementation

Time for audit implementation and calculation of impact after closure of the audit by the Compliance unit. Does not include the recovery process itself.



Time for audit implementation

Target e mail to beneficiary sent within 30 days

Time to grant

100% of grant agreements signed from closing date of the call. Split in two phases max 5 months from call closure to sending to the successful consortia the invitations to Negotiation and then max 3 months to signature of the contract. Deviations to be recorded according to the guidelines. 

Timeframe: Q4 2014



Time To Grant: 100% in 5+3 months (lead indicator)

Target 100% (31.12.2014)
Baseline Average time : 60 % in 260 days (31.12.2013)

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In response to the economic situation, the Commission is enhancing EU budget execution and speeding up the payments to beneficiaries