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DG CONNECT People - HR Support and Delivery

DG CONNECT People - HR Support and Delivery

People (Unit R.1)

To attract, select, induct, develop and retain the right people with the right skills as to ensure an optimal and forward-looking staff allocation.

  • Manage job quotas according to the needs of the DG and support staff in cooperation with EC horizontal services and in respect of the relevant rules and regulations.
  • Facilitate decision-making in HR matters by providing data and reports and implement Management Team (MT) decisions with the support of the HR professionals in our DG.
  • Promote actions to achieve work-private life balance, also by providing access to flexible working arrangements.
  • Raise awareness on ethical dilemmas by providing guidelines and animating debates for a strong collective vision of good behaviour and professional ethics in our DG.
  • Promote learning and competency development of staff also by organising DG specific training and performance evaluation of staff.

Our Unit is addressing various challenges:

  • Staff and budgetary reduction.
  • Implementation of the revised Staff Regulations.
  • New priorities set by the incoming College of Commissioners and DG senior management.
  • Effective implementation of the DG process to delegate budget management to executive agencies.
  • Implementation of the new EC decision on working time.
We aspire to be a modern public administration within the frame of the Staff Regulations and under the constraints of the yearly allocation of human resources entrusted by the budgetary authority.


Full-Time Equivalent: 
Collaboration with other DGs or agencies:
390.000 (linked to learning and development needs)

Compliance with HR Internal Control Standards

Timeframe: on-going



Compliance with HR Internal Control Standards

Target 100% compliance (2014)
Baseline 100% (2013)

Appraisal and promotion exercises

Timeframe: on-going



98% of appraisal and promotion files closed on time

Target Higher than EC average (2014)

Implement HR actions in the Staff Engagement and Equal Opportunities and Diversity strategic actions

Timeframe: on-going



Completion rate of actions defined in the Strategy

Target 100% of actions (2014)
Baseline 75% (Dec 2013)

Recruitment of highly qualified staff

Timeframe: on-going



Average time to fill a vacant post to ensure business continuity

Target Ever faster recruitment process (2014)
Baseline 4.7 months (2013)

Implement HR aspects in the delegation of budget management to executive agencies

Timeframe: on-going



Timely transfer of posts to the Common Support Service

Target 100% on time (2014)

Timely publication of posts to the Executive Agencies

Target 100% on time (2014)

Ensure optimal HR planning

Timeframe: on-going



Vacancy rate

Target Lower rate than EC average (2014)
Baseline Avg. 2.91% (2013)

Turnover rate

Target Detection of possible anomalies in entries/exits and monitoring of the job quotas balance among Units (2014)
Baseline 8% entries and 8.3% exits (Dec 2013)

Rate of administrative and support functions on total staff

Target Adjustment according to EC targets (2014)
Baseline 10.9 % (Jan 2013)

HR workforce composition and trends

Target Analysis of relevant trends to bring critical situations to the attention of the Management Team (ongoing)

Gender balance

Timeframe: on-going



Women recruited as administrators

Target Increased number of women to 50% of newly recruited staff as administrators (2014)
Baseline 33% (2013)

Gender balance in the DG by category and grade

Target Improved men/women balance in all categories and grades (2014)
Baseline 48% men / 52% women (2013)

Management and pre-management positions held by women.

Target 28% for pre-managers (internal target); 25% for middle managers and 25% for senior managers (EC target). (2014)
Baseline 23% for middle managers and 26% for senior managers (2013)

Ensure support to staff and management

Timeframe: on-going



Survey repliers affirm that “I am, all in all, satisfied with the services/support provided by the People Unit" (lead indicator)

Target Increase level of satisfaction (2014)
Baseline 74% (2014)

Ensure optimal HR allocation

Timeframe: on-going



Survey repliers affirm that “My skills match with my current job”

Target Higher than EC average (2014)
Baseline 79% (2013)

Survey repliers affirm that “I have an acceptable workload”.

Target Higher than EC average (2014)
Baseline 55% (2013)

Link to DG CONNECT's Top Level Targets

  • DG CONNECT is a lean, modern, effective and efficient public administration