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Debts, closed projects and accounting

Debts, closed projects and accounting

Finance (Unit R.2)

We aim to ensure the financial implementation of activities after closure of FP7/CIP projects, to coordinate the debt management, to follow up the recovery order procedures and to ensure a fair and reliable consolidation of DG CONNECT's accounts, giving a detailed picture of the budget's implementation.


This priority includes a wide set of actions, in particular:- Completion of transfer of closed projects.- Handling of activities related to closed projects, including implementation of audits, processing of recovery orders and interventions of the guarantee fund.- Global recovery orders further to the extension (extrapolation) of audit results on closed projects.- Processing of debt files/cases.- Coordination of insolvency cases.- Carrying out of the closure for the financial year.- Implementing controls to assess the reliability of the accounting reports.- Collaboration with the European Court of auditors during the yearly verification on the reliability of Accounts. 


Through the centralisation and coordination of these activities in one unit (in the context of the reorganisation), we have obtained efficiency gains. Continuous process improvement.As FP7/CIP programmes draw to a close, a peak is expected in audit implementation leading to an increased  issuing of recovery orders, and thus a higher probability for handling of follow up of debt files/cases.

Financial Regulation


Full-Time Equivalent: 
Collaboration with other DGs or agencies:

Timely and efficient implementation of audits and processing of recovery orders, as agreed at EC and DG level

Contribution to the improvement of the annual EC accounts.   



Implementation of Audit results and resulting Recovery Orders within 90 days (lead indicator)

Target 90 % (2014)
Baseline 80 %

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