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Communication: Capacity Building

Communication: Capacity Building

Communication (Unit D.3)

To maintain DG CONNECT as a centre of excellence for digital communication and engagement.


As an outward-focused unit, constantly monitoring the impact of our activity on people's views of the European Union, we are a laboratory for new ideas. We share our experience and increase capacity in the DG and by training, empowering and motivating colleagues and exporting the CONNECT approach and tools throughout the Commission. 


The DG has successfully promoted the adoption at corporate level of web tools developed or promoted by the DG (Drupal, Newsroom, Event-in-a-Box, mobile-friendly, "responsive" design, with the DAE / H2020 & Neelie Kroes websites as models). We set best practice for press releases, social media and online communication and engagement and internal collaboration via CONNECTED community management platform and between other DGs.The next challenge is to promote the governance model of our website (many content creators, one single editor). This implies continued involvement in this digiotal transormation process alongside COMM, DIGIT & DGT. This corporatisation of our methods and tools is proceeding in internal communications as the "CONNECTED" platform is accepted as a valid way of building engagement. Community-building and -management skills, a CONNECT area of expertise, are becoming an important function.

The outward, risk-taking nature of our DG with always trying new things and setting the ground for the other DGs in the Commission.


Full-Time Equivalent: 
5.00 full-time equivalent (FTE)
Collaboration with other DGs or agencies:
Budget in 2014 200k euro.

A clear mandate and continued endorsement from senior management team, for the use of CONNECTED as well as social media demonstrates the need for this process and supports its further roll out.


Use of social media

Wide adoption of social media across the DG, used for communicating in a decentralised way via a professionalised and enthusiastic network.

Timeframe: Ongoing



On-line content creators

Target 25% of DG Connect staff (end 2013)
Baseline 201 (on January 2013) (Individual members of staff)

Percentage of staff using social media to support their work

The CONNECTED community management platform

Increasing use of Connected, our collaborative working environment, gives everyone the possibility to create & share content. This will improve the way we are interacting and sharing knowledge; combine better work & social interaction; and help colleagues to be more productive.

Timeframe: Ongoing



Connected uptake

Staff activity levels on the CONNECTED platform (lead indicator)


Open source becomes mainstream

The Digital Agenda for Europe fosters in its Pillar II the use of Open ICT systems, and specifically the use of free & open-source software. The Directorate-General demonstrates on a daily basis that an open source solution can meet the needs of Commission web platforms. The Drupal-based  FPFSI-CMS provides the basis for the web site of the Directorate General, the Digital Agenda for Europe policy site, the site of Vice-President Kroes and the "Licenses for Europe" site which is co-managed by different DGs. Adoption of this new, state-of-art content management system with a low learning curve has reduced the needs for specific IT knowledge, allowing us to introduce better governance where contributions are decentralised and open to anyone, but centralised quality assurance has led to an increase in the number of staff directly creating or editing content on our web site from 40, when we used more complex tools, to over 200. This drastic lowering of the barriers to entry is essential if we are to help colleagues view the creation, editing and deletion of online content as part of their normal work. As result a wider range of staff can concentrate on posting quality content based on knowledge of the subject rather than technical skills. 

Timeframe: Ongoing



Open source adoption

Target 70% (31.12.2013)

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  • DG CONNECT is a lean, modern, effective and efficient public administration