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Call for proposals COMM/ZAG/ED/2014-2017 to select Europe Direct host structures for the period of 2014-2017

The Directorate-General for Communication (DG COMM), Representation in Croatia, is launching a call for proposals to select organisations eligible for an action grant in return for hosting public information centres known as "Europe Direct Information Centres" for the 2014-2017 period (Commission Decision C(2012) 9486 final of 18 December 2012). This is a complementary call to one launched in April 2013 that had as one of the objectives to ensure the presence of the Europe Direct information centres close to all European citizens. As the objective was not entirely achieved (the only covered areas are: Dubrovnik county, Karlovac county and Brodsko-posavska county), the European Commission is launching this call for proposals to cover additional areas that were not covered by structures selected in the first call for proposals, therefore the priority shall be given to the applications from the regions which are not covered by already established EDIC.

Start date: 20/12/2013 - Deadline for applications: 28/02/2014

More information on the call COMM/ZAG/ED/2014.-2017


Call for Proposals for Cultural Activities to Promote Awareness of Key Communication Themes

The European Commission Representation in the UK is offering project co-funding for cultural activities to promote awareness of key communication themes set by the European Commission. The call is designed to provide part-financing in the form of grants for cultural events which address one or more of the themes. Before applying for this call (see Annexes), please ensure you are eligible and can fully meet our specifications.

Deadline for applications: 05 July 2013.

More information about the Call for Proposals for Cultural Activities


Actions promoting awareness and debate on EU citizenship and citizens' rights

The European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic

The call is open to non-profit organisations or a consortium of non-profit organisations, each with their own legal personality, registered in the Czech Republic and independent of the public authorities.

The call for proposals aims to provide financial support for communication activities that

  1. Raise awareness and stimulate debates about EU citizenship and its implications for the daily life of citizens, the rights of EU citizens, the possibilities of democratic participation and active citizenship as essential component of EU integration, and
  2. Encourage public participation in the debates on how the European Union should look like in the future and which reforms are needed to improve the every-day lives of citizens.

The maximum total budget earmarked for co-financing of projects is estimated at 100,000 Euro. The level of the grant will be a maximum of 80% of the eligible costs for each project. The maximum grant will be 20,000 Euro.

The European Commission reserves the right not to distribute all the funds available.

Proposals must be submitted not later than 15/07/2013.

Applications shall be submitted on the correct form, duly completed, dated, showing a balanced budget (revenue/expenditure), submitted in 3 copies (one original clearly identified as such, plus 2 copies), and signed by the person authorised to enter into legally binding commitments on behalf of the applicant organisation.

Applications must be sent to the following postal address:

European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic
Evropský dům
Jungmannova 24
110 00 Praha P.O. Box 811, 111 21 Praha 1

  • by post, date as postmark (registered mail recommended)
  • in person, date as receipt
  • by courier service, date of receipt by the courier service.

Applications sent by fax or only by e-mail will not be accepted.


Call for proposals COMM/ZAG/ED/2013-2017 to select Europe Direct host structures in Croatia for the period of 2013-2017

The Directorate-General for Communication is launching a call for proposals to select organisations eligible for an action grant in return for hosting in Croatia public information centres known as Europe Direct Information Centres for the 2013-2017 period (Commission Decision C(2012) 9486 final of 18 December 2012).

Deadline for applications: 20 June 2013.

The documents needed for your application:

Complementary information

All corrigenda and other complementary information following the publication of the call will be published on this page. Please consult this page regularly (at least twice a week) to keep track of the progress of the call and to check all relevant new information.

Please keep in mind that the models of Framework Partnership Agreement and Specific Grant Agreement are currently not available in Croatian. The applicants selected to become members of the EDIC network will receive both agreements to be signed in Croatian.

Questions & Answers

If you have questions, please consult questions and answerspdf(145 kB) Choose translations of the previous link  English (en)hrvatski (hr)hrvatski (hr) which we will update regularly (last update: 11 June 2013).

If you do not find an answer to your question, please send us an email: COMM-CALL-CROATIA-EDIC