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Public procurements - Representations

The Representations of the European Commission in the Member States organize public procurements. The economic operators are invited to refer to the contract notices published in the Official Journal (OJ).

For each call for tenders, complete tender documentation, including additional information, if any, can be downloaded from the website of the Representation.

Potential tenderers are invited to consult the site regularly, as additional information may be published at any stage of the procedure.


Contract notices published in 2016


PO/2016-16/DUB-Media services — online communication consultancy service

Contract notice 2016/S 196-353078 - Documents to download PO/2016-16/DUB | Start date: 11/10/2016 | Deadline: 24/11/2016 16:00



PO/2016-19/LON-Facilitation of informal educational activities on the European Union for students in their 9–13 years of education (age group: 14–18; key stages 4–5)

Contract notice 2016/S 186-333471 - Documents to download PO/2016-19/LON | Start date: 27/09/2016 | Deadline: 28/10/2016



PO/2016-07/ROM-Recording, editing, production and distribution of video and radio programmes for the European Commission Representation in Rome

Contract notice 2016/S 161-290656 | Documents to download for the call PO/2016-07/ROM | Start date: 23/08/2016 | Deadline: 05/10/2016



PO/2016-08/BXL-Belgium-Brussels: Provision of reception and handling services for the Representation of the European Commission in Belgium

Contract notice 2016/S 151-272607 - Documents to download for the call PO/2016-08/BXL| Start date: 06/08/2016 | Deadline: 15/09/2016 17:00



PO/2016-14/VIENNA-Austria-Vienna: Supply of media consultancy services to the Representation of the European Commission in Austria

Contract notice 2016/S 147-265499 - Documents to download for the call PO/2016-14/VIENNA | Start date: 02/08/2016 | Deadline: 12/09/2016 16:00



PO/2016-13/PAR-France-Paris: Provision of services as regards proposing, running and maintaining a reference site on the European Union, its functioning and policies in France

Contract notice 2016/S 140-252566 | Documents to download for the call PO/2016-13/PAR | Start date: 22/07/2016 | Deadline:14/09/2016 16:00



PO/2016-09/PAR-France-Paris: Provision of external consultancy services as regards press relations

Contract notice 2016/S 140-252567 - Documents to download for the call PO/2016-09/PAR | Start date: 22/07/2016 | Deadline: 14/09/2016 16:00



PO/2016-10/HEL - Finland-Helsinki: Provision of assistance services for the information centre of the European Commission Representation in Finland

Contract notice 2016/S 119-211239 - Documents to download | Start date: 22/06/2016 | Deadline: 11/08/2016



PO/2016-01/LJU - Slovenia-Ljubljana: Information services and assistance to communication activities for the EU Information Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Contract notice 2016/S 119-211235 - Documents to download | Start date: 22/06/2016 | Deadline: 02/09/2016 - 16:00



PO/2016-03/BUC/Romania-Bucharest: Educational campaign on EU topics

Contract notice 2016/S 047-077320 | Start date: 08/03/2016 | Deadline: 04/05/2016 16:00
Corrigendum 2016/S 058-097023 | Date: 23/03/2016
Corrigendum 2016/S 081-143194 | Date: 26/04/2016



PO/2016-02/NIC/Cyprus-Nicosia: Organisation and management of an annual national school competition

Contract notice OJ 2016/S 033-052437 | Start date: 17/02/2016 | Deadline: 24/03/2016 16:00
Contract award notice OJ 2016/S 134-241007 | Date: 14/07/2016





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