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Headquarters - Contract notices published before 2014

Directorate-General Communication organises public procurements. The economic operators are invited to refer to the contract notices published in the Official Journal (OJ).

For each call for tenders, complete tender documentation, including additional information, if any, can be downloaded from this site.

Potential tenderers are invited to consult this page regularly, as additional information may be published at any stage of the procedure.


Contract notices published in 2013


Provision of a team of Visit Assistants for the European Commission's Visitors' Centre in Brussels

Contract notice OJ 2013/S 236-409044 | Start date: 05/12/2013 | Deadline: 14/02/2014 16:00
The purpose of this contract is to provide a qualified, well organised, multilingual team of visit assistants to welcome and accompany visiting groups to the Visitors' Centre (Charlemagne building — rue de la Loi 170) and other Commission premises in Brussels, and to assist Commission staff in specified tasks linked to the preparation and organisation of visits.
Contract award notice OJ 2015/S 023-037093 | Date: 03/02/2015



Framework service contract PO/2013-20/A4: translation, subtitling and voice-over of audiovisual materials

Contract notice OJ 2013/S 235-406911 | Start date: 04/12/2013 | Deadline: 20/01/2014 17:00 - Attention, the deadline has been extended to 27/01/2014, 17:00.
Corrigendum OJ 2014/S 012-016069 | Date: 17/01/2014
The contract concerns the provision of the following services:
— translation of descriptive metadata of the audiovisual documents (titles, summaries, shot lists, legends) in the media asset management system of the Audiovisual Services,
— production of linguistic versions (either by subtitling or voice-over) of the audiovisual material including adaptation and translation subtitling of the audiovisual material produced.
Documents (In reply to question No 81, we provide hereafter a French translation of the tender specifications.):



Interinstitutional open procedure for the provision of services for video coverage of EU current affairs

Contract notice OJ 2013/S 233-403571 | Start date: 30/11/2013 | Deadline: 07/02/2014
Corrigendum OJ 2013/S 243-422092 | Date: 14/12/2013
The call for tender concerns the conclusion of a framework contract for video coverage of EU current affairs, the production of news reports and thematic video files of EU news for use by television and radio stations, social media and Web portals. In view of the services required and the geographical areas to be covered, the contract is divided into 6 lots.



Framework service contracts: support services for the Europe Direct network (PO/2013-19/C3)

Contract notice OJ 2013/S 231-400154 | Start date: 28/11/2013 | Deadline: 31/01/2014 16:00
Contract award notices :
  • lot 1: information products, promotion activities and ED intranet OJ 2014/S 152-272378 | Date: 09/08/2014
  • lot 2: organisation of training sessions and meetings OJ 2015/S 037-062229 | Date: 21/02/2015



Vendors' list for the production and dissemination of audiovisual material

Call for expressions of interest OJ 2013/S 215-373188 | Date: 06/11/2013
The aim of this call for expression of interest is to provide the Commission with a list of pre-selected vendors who could be awarded with contracts in connection with activities related to the areas of audiovisual communication, for the following services:
A. Production of professional audiovisual material
A1. Video graphics and animation
A2. Multimedia and digital marketing products
A3. Audiovisual production services
B. Dissemination of professional audiovisual material
B1. Audience research, measurement and analysis
B2. Strategic planning and implementation
B3. Online video advertising
B4. Institutional public relations
C. Consultancy and training
More information about the Call for expressions of interest 2013-2018 (CEI)pdf(33 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 



Development, implementation and management of online media dedicated to EU affairs

Contract notice OJ 2013/S 117-198945 | Start date: 19/06/2013 | The awarding procedure has been discontinued.
Incomplete procedure 2013/S 136-235140 | Date: 16/07/2013
Due to budgetary restrictions recently announced, the Commission has decided to cancel the present call for tenders. A notice has been published in TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), the online version of the 'Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union' dedicated to European public procurement.



Contract notices published in 2012


Standard Eurobarometer surveys  

Contract notice OJ 2012/S 241-395674 | Start date: 14/12/2012 | Deadline: 31/03/2013 16:00



Supporting the European Commission in its digital communications  

Contract notice OJ 2012/S 192-314536 | Start date: 05/10/2012 | Deadline: 10/12/2012 16:00
Corrigendum OJ 2012/S 232-381361 | Date: 01/12/2012
Contract award notice OJ 2013/S 124-211854 | Date: 28/06/2013



Measuring the use of audiovisual material produced by the EU institutions and broadcast by television channels

Contract notice OJ 2012/S 156-259734 | Start date: 16/08/2012 | Deadline: 24/09/2012 16:00
Contract award notice OJ 2013/S 048-076928 | Date: 08/03/2013



Production and broadcast of radio programmes on EU affairs, on air and on digital platforms, by a network of EU radio broadcasters

Contract notice OJ 2012/S 125-206002 | Start date: 03/07/2012 | Deadline: 10/09/2012
Contract award notice OJ 2013/S 015-020063 | Date: 22/01/2013



Framework contract on provision of services in the field of evaluation of communication activities

Lot 1: multiple framework contract with renew

Contract notice OJ 2012/S 121-199931 | Start date: 27/06/2012 | Deadline: 17/08/2012
Contract award notice OJ 2013/S 025-037820 | Date: 05/02/2013
Corrigendum OJ 2013/S 031-047795 | Date: 3/02/2013

Lot 2: development and implementation of small-scale evaluation tools related to communication activities: multiple framework cascade contract

Contract notice OJ 2012/S 121-199931 | Start date: 27/06/2012 | Deadline: 17/08/2012
Contract award notice OJ 2013/S 029-044151 | Date: 09/02/2013

Lot 3: technical and methodological assistance in the organisation and conducting of evaluations of communication activities — multiple framework contract with renewed competition

Contract notice OJ  2012/S 121-199931 | Start date: 27/06/2012 | Deadline: 17/08/2012
Contract award notice OJ 2013/S 029-044152 | Date: 09/02/2013



Eurobarometer studies

Contract notice OJ 2012/S 121-199930 | Start date: 27/06/2012 | Deadline:  06/08/2012
Contract award notice OJ 2013/S 063-104513 | Date:  29/03/2012



On-demand service covering the research and analysis of data relating to the European television market

Contract award notice OJ 2012/S 96-158478 | Date: 22/05/2012



Contract notices published in 2011


Storage and conservation of audiovisual funds of the European Commission

Contract award notice 2011/S 252-410627 | Date: 31/12/2011



Provision of services of external lecturers responsible for presenting information to groups visiting the European Commission in Brussels

Contract notice OJ  2011/S 186-303430 | Start date: 28/09/2011| Deadline: 14/11/2011
Contract award notice OJ 2012/S 68-110601| Date: 06/04/2012



Supply of transmission services (PO/2011-26/A4) - lot 1: provision of the technical infrastructure necessary for the transmission of standard definition television services via the satellite; lot 2: provision of a permanent bidirectional high definition video link between Luxembourg and Brussels

Contract notice OJ 2011/S 186-303429 | Start date: 28/09/2011 | Deadline: 28/11/2011
Contract award notice OJ 2012/S 66-106925 | Date: 04/04/2012



Multiple framework contract with new call for competition for the provision of services linked to the organisation of information and communication campaigns

Contract notice OJ 2011/S 156-258880 | Start date: 17/08/2011 | Deadline: 10/10/2011
Contract award notice OJ 2012/S 88-143634 | Date: 08/05/2012



Provision of audio‑photo‑video-multimedia laboratory work, related supplies and services

Contract notice OJ 2011/S 126-208203 | Start date: 05/07/2011| Deadline: 20/09/2011
Contract award notice OJ 2012/S 92-151305 | Date: 15/05/2012



Operation of the Europe Direct contact centre

Contract notice OJ 2011/S 126-208202 | Start date: 05/07/2011
Corrigendum OJ 2011/S 157-260533 | Date: 18/08/2011
Contract award notice OJ 2012/S 32-050771 | Date: 16/02/2012



Framework service contract in support of communication and information activities: communication analysis and editorial services (speechwriting)

Contract notice OJ 2011/S 81-132555 | Start date: 27/04/2011 | Deadline: 09/06/2011
Contract award notice OJ 2011/S 241-389977 | Date: 15/12/2011



Information events for journalists

Contract notice OJ  2011/S 7-009006 | Start date: 12/01/2011 | Deadline: 21/02/2011
Contract award notice OJ 2011/S 143-236515 | Date: 28/07/2011



Low-value service contracts awarded in 2011

Annual lists of low-value service contracts awarded in 2011pdf(48 kB) by the units and Representations of DG Communication of the European Commission for an amount from the following range: equal to or more than EUR 25 000 and equal to or less than EUR 60 000.
Information relating to the value and contractors of specific contracts based on a framework contracts pdf (53 kB) managed by DG Communication if, as a result of the conclusion of a specific contract or of the aggregate volume of the specific contracts in 2011, the thresholds referred to in Article 158 of IR are exceeded.



Photo coverage of EU current affairs 'World' — lot 5 — amendment: ceiling increase

Contract award notice OJ 2013/S 181-311535 | Date: 18/09/2013

Audiovisual coverage (video and photos) of European Union current affairs

Contract notice OJ 2010/S 61-089814 | Start date: 27/03/2010 | Deadline: 19/05/2010
Contract award notice OJ 2010/S 244-372189 | Date: 16/12/2010