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  • Setting the facts straight
    The EU is widely covered by the media and we readily acknowledge that the EU can be complex and the legislation we adopt not always easy to digest. Much coverage is factual, much contains perfectly valid opinions or arguments, but every now and then some items come along that are inaccurate, misleading, slanted, downright mischievous or even completely made up.
    In this age of instant comment and rapid communication this means that misconceptions and false stories can rapidly spread, sometimes causing alarm, indignation and even outrage.
    In this blog we set the facts straight and explain the reality behind some of the more eye-catching headlines.
  • European Year of Citizens
    The European Year encourages dialogue at all levels of government, civil society and business, to explore where you – as citizens – want the EU to be by 2020 – in terms of rights, policies and governance.
  • Debate on the future of Europe
    The European Commission is reaching out to citizens by visiting towns across Europe and asking them directly for their views.


  • Rationalisation of the European Commission's public websites
    Websites are a key tool to inform citizens and stakeholders about EU policies, legislation, their rights in the internal market, grants, employment opportunities and many other things that affect their daily lives. Furthermore, the web is a very cost-effective, accessible and efficient means of communication, which is particularly relevant in the current political and financial context where we must account for every euro of taxpayer´s money we spend. European Commission is rationalising its presence on the web.