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Directorate-General for Budget
Phone: +32.2.29 + extension
Director-General Nadia CALVIÑO 55067
Reporting directly to the Director-General 1  
Assistant to Director-General Antoine KOPP 50418
Assistant to Director-General Ana Maria GOMEZ MASCARELL 86450
Principal Adviser - Budget focussed on results ... 65475

02. Performance-based budgeting

Marco CARNACCINI 92618
Directorate R - Resources Daniela GHEORGHE 54561
R1 - Information and Communication
Petr MOOZ 86232
R2 - General coordination; human and budgetary resources
Raluca BLANARU 68581
R3 - Financial information systems implementation
André PENING 69705
R4 - IT-Infrastructure and user support

R5 – IT Programme and architecture office

Dirk LAPAGE 61982
Deputy Director-General 1 Manfred KRAFF1 66413
Reporting directly to the Deputy Director-General 1  
TF1 Head of Task Force - Public Internal Control Jose PIRAO 65475
01. Budgetary Discharge procedure, relations with Institutions concerned and parliamentary questions Tina SVENDSTRUP 54136
Directorate C – Budget execution (General Budget and EDF) Maria Rosa ALDEA BUSQUETS 50848
C1 - Treasury management Vincenzo CURIALE 59234
C2 - Accounting Enrique LOBERA ARGÜELLES 63085
C3 - Budgetary structure and validation of local systems Jose Antonio LOPEZ SANCHEZ 90105
C4 - Recovery of debts Marc EKELMANS 56873
C5 – User service management
Hans GEVAERT 94703
C6 – Financial reporting and strategy
Yiannakis ASIMAKIS 68752
Deputy Director-General 2 ...
Reporting directly to the Deputy Director-General 2
Directorate A – Expenditure Silvano PRESA 52221
A1 - Budgetary procedures and execution, relations with the budget Committees
Philippe BERTRAND 61823
A2 - CAP and structural policies Juan Jose LOPEZ LLEDO 51289
A3 - Internal policies Johan UREEL 66609
A4 - External actions Vijay BHARDWAJ 90889
A5 - Administrative appropriations and allocation of human resources Jennifer BROWN 54644
Directorate B – Own Resources and financial programming Stefan LEHNER 93383
TF2 – Own resources Anne MONTAGNON 90121
B1 - Multiannual financial framework; funding systems and forecasts; budgetary aspects of enlargement Stephanie RISO 55062
B2 - Revenue management Charles GROUTAGE 91090
B3 - Control of traditional own resources and assistance to the candidate countries Jose MADEIRA 65440
B4 - Control of VAT and GNI own resources Antti SUORTTI 67258
Directorate D – Central Financial Service Olivier WAELBROECK 99803
D1 - Financial rules and governance Michael ERHART 59617
D2 - Programme management and implementing contracts Maria Victoria GIL CASADO 85626
D3 - Financial Procedures and control systems
D4 - BudgWeb, Financial training, Helpdesk for Institutions and Agencies Ana Sofia SILVA 66826

[1] Also Accounting Officer of the Commission
[2] In charge of the Task Force « Budget focussed on results»
[3] In charge of the Public Internal Control BUDG.