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Philippe TAVERNE

Philippe TAVERNE

Nationality: Belgian
Born in 1952

July 1976: University of Brussels - Solvay Business School
1976-1982: Audit and Financial Control with Arthur Andersen and Industry
1983: European Commission: Open competition Audit, Accountancy and Public Financing
1983: DG Competition: State Aid, Public Companies and State Monopolies
1985: DG Budget: Directorate Expenditure, Research Budget
1987: DG Education and Culture: Budget and Contracts
1991: DG Personnel and Administration: Planning and Allocation of Human Resources
1995: DG Personnel and Administration: Assistant to the Director-General
1996: DG Personnel and Administration: Head of Unit Budget Policy & Contracts Management
2000: DG Personnel and Administration: Director Staff Policy
2002: DG Budget: Director Central Financial Service