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Politics: EU needs more ambition, says EESC

A meeting of the European Economic and Social Committee © EU


The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) calls for the urgent completion of the EMU and urgent reform across Europe.

The Committee, which acts in a consultative capacity to the European institutions, called for a “genuinely more ambitious strategy” to end the financial crisis in Europe.

“The crisis has revealed the limits and contradictions of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and the policy of austerity: deprived of any tools of economic governance, the euro has proved too fragile,” said a statement from the committee.

“Faced with this reality, politicians have no choice but to go down the path of much-needed reform,” it continued.

The EMU believes that the EMU must include a social pillar covering:

  • reindustrialisation, entrepreneurship and training;
  • unemployment, social rights, social investment;
  • a reformed and more balanced form of governance.

In the long term, the EESC believes fundamental changes are unavoidable to bring in genuine European economic governance; closer political and social union; and a stronger international role for the EU.

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