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Politics: European Economic and Social Committee wants to be more proactive

European Economic and Social Committee building © EU


The European Economic and Social Committee plans to be more proactive in engaging citizens in the debate on Europe's future and taking account of their views.

EESC's new president Henri Malosse marked the start of his 2.5-year tenure by noting people are increasingly disconnected from decisions taken at EU level.

During his tenure, President Malosse plans to make the EESC, an EU consultative body representing civil society, a "force to be reckoned with in the European Debate".  

He wants the EU to do more to meet people's real expectations in areas such as job creation, combating youth alienation, protection of savings and access to healthcare.

"It is the role of the Committee, on behalf of the various interests that make up our society, to engage with the other institutions on their strategies and hold them to account," he said. "The public will only be able to put their trust in us again if we do this."

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