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Report: regional funding working for regions

Woman drawing a graph showing growth © iStockphoto / Yunus Arakon


Regional funding is supporting growth where it is most needed, but governments need to speed up implementation, says assessment report.

The report found regional funding is helping targeted regions weather the crisis and resume economic growth. The achievements for the current budget period include:

  •  providing 1.9 million more people with broadband access
  • supplying 2.6 million more people with access to a water supply, 5.7 million more with waste water treatment
  • helping 2.4 million people find a job
  • supporting 53 160 start-up businesses
  • investing in 53 240 research projects
  • However, governments could speed up use of available funding and use the money more effectively with better results.


EU regional funding helps Europe’s poorer regions catch up with the rest of the EU. The support aims to boost competitiveness and job creation.

The budget for 2007 to 2013 is €347 billion. New funding for 2014 to 2020 is currently being negotiated between the European Parliament and EU governments.

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