Indsættelsen af Barack Obama
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Erklæring af Kommissionens formand, José Manuel Barroso, i forbindelse med indsættelsen af Barack Obama som USA's næste præsident.

    Statement by the President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso on the inauguration of US President Barack Obama

    As President Obama begins his historic mandate, I call on Europe and the United States of America to deepen further their transatlantic ties and join efforts to engage others in addressing the great challenges of our time. We need together to promote a renewed politics of global engagement.

    The United States and the European Union should acknowledge their interdependence and the need for openness, while working closely together to shape multilateral responses to global challenges, from the financial and economic crises to peace and security, including in the Middle East, development challenges, and of course the defining struggle of our generation: to stop and reverse climate change.

    We are living through challenging times. And the challenges we face have no respect for national frontiers.

    What we need is new global governance and a new basis for prosperity.

    I sincerely believe that Europe and the United States must work together and with our partners around the world to devise and implement this new agenda for globalisation.

    The European Union today, is a global player, a single market of 27 countries, half a billion people, a global currency, the Euro, and a credible actor in peace and security. It is a natural partner in these joint global efforts.

    I look forward to working together with President Obama and his Administration to promote a politics of global engagement, that will support international institutions reformed to address effectively our global responsibilities, from climate change to development aid, trade, democracy and human rights, and sound financial systems.

    Today, the eyes of the world are on President Obama. But tomorrow, indeed immediately, it is the world that must have his - and our – attention. We look forward here in the European Commission to joining with the United States and our partners to rise and meet the challenges of globalisation.

    I personally believe that the election of President Obama was a defining, turning point for America. It may now also be an important turning point for the rest of the world.

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