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Help for citizens

If you have a practical problem exercising your rights as a European Citizen or if you think that your rights are being infringed, there are several sources of help and advice.

Europe Direct

Usually, your first port of call will be the Europe Direct Information Service.

You can e-mail Europe Direct with your enquiry – you can find an enquiry form and submit in online here.

Or, you can call this toll-free number 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11

You can also speak directly to our local staff:

Europe Direct Larnaca: +357 24 62 09 93

Europe Direct Paphos: + 357 26 93 55 00


Your Europe Advice

"Your Europe Advice" is a team of independent legal experts who can:

  • provide free and personalised advice in your language, within a week
  • clarify the European law that applies in your case
  • explain how you can exercise your EU rights

You can contact "Your Europe Advice" via EUROPE DIRECT.

Or, you can submit your enquiry electronically using this form.



SOLVIT is an on-line problem solving network in which EU Member States work together to solve without legal proceedings problems caused by the misapplication of Internal Market law by public authorities. SOLVIT deals with cross-border problems between a business or a citizen and a national public authority on the other. However, SOLVIT is not an information or legal advice network. SOLVIT does not deal with problems between businesses or between consumers and businesses, or with complaints about EU institutions.

Visit the SOLVIT to find out more information and to see how you can access the service

There is a National SOLVIT Centre in Cyprus hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. Click here to visit the SOLVIT Cyprus website.

You can also e-mail them directly at this address:

Or, phone them on 22 86 72 07 and 22 86 73 46.


European Consumer Centres

Need consumer travel advice for your trip in Europe or looking for a buyers' guide with tips on safe shopping in the EU market? Having problems getting a refund for a cancelled flight or getting a faulty product replaced? Your complaint about an excessive bill got nowhere? Click here for advice from the European Consumers Centre Network which handles over 60,000 such cases every year and can help you find solutions to cross-border shopping problems.

Visit the website of the European Consumer Centre of Cyprus. Get local advice about your rights as a shopper and learn more about the legislation on consumer protection. There is also an electronic form through which you can submit a complaint online.


FIN-NET – Financial Disputes Resolution

FIN-NET is a financial dispute resolution network of national out-of-court complaint schemes in the European Economic Area countries (the European Union Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). It deals with disputes between consumers and financial services providers i.e. banks, insurance companies, investment firms and others. Click here to find out more.


Complaints for infringements of EU law

Anyone may lodge a complaint with the Commission against a Member State for any measure (law, regulation or administrative action) or practice attributable to a Member State which they consider incompatible with a provision or a principle of EU law.

To be admissible a complaint has to relate to an infringement of EU law by a Member State. It cannot therefore concern a private dispute.

If you wish to make a complaint of this nature click here for practical advice on how to proceed.


Complaints against EU institutions

The European Ombudsman investigates complaints about maladministration in the institutions and bodies of the European Union. If you are a citizen of a Member State of the Union or reside in a Member State, you can make a complaint to the European Ombudsman – click here to see how.

The European Ombudsman cannot investigate complaints against national, regional or local administrations in the Member States, even if the complaints are about EU matters.


Talk to us at the Representation

 If you are not sure where to look for advice or how to proceed with a complaint, you can always contact us at the Representation. We will make every effort to answer your question directly or, at least, point you in the right direction, towards a website, a publication or the appropriate Service of the Commission.

While staff at the Representation will do their best to provide information, they are not mandated to give advice. The staff at the Representation are also not mandated to investigate alleged violations of EU law. However, if you have a complaint to make, we will provide you with the right forms and forward your complaint to the Department that will deal with it.

Additional information

European Commission in Cyprus


Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus


EU House

30 Byron Avenue

1096 Nicosia


work Tel.:
+357 22 81 77 70


fax Fax:
+357 22 76 89 26


Europe Direct Larnaca


Filiou Tsigaridi

6300 Larnaca

P.O. Box 40045


work Tel.:
+357 24 62 09 93


fax Fax:
+357 24 62 09 93


Europe Direct Limassol


corner Athinon and Nikos Xiouta str.

3040 Limassol


work Tel.:
+357 25 00 20 44 and +357 25 00 20 27


fax Fax:
+357 25 00 27 63


Europe Direct Pafos


26, 25th of March str.

8100 Pafos


work Tel.:
+357 26 93 55 00


fax Fax:
+357 26 91 10 32


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