What was it?

The Culture programme was an initiative that ran from 2007-2013 with a budget of €400 million to support projects and activities designed to protect and promote cultural diversity and heritage.

The programme supported multi-annual cooperation projects and measures, as well as a variety of actions and initiatives, as well as cultural organisations, and contributed to policy analysis and dissemination activities.

Why was it needed?

The culture sector, as noted in the policy section, faces a variety of issues and challenges, some of which are best dealt with at an international level. To tackle some of the issues, the programme provided support to:

  • Promoting cross-border mobility
  • Encouraging transnational circulation
  • Fostering intercultural dialogue

What did it achieve?

The programme supported a significant number of activities and initiatives, many of which are presented in more detail in a dedicated platform; the Creative Europe Project Results.

In addition to the individual projects supported, the programme also established several actions and initiatives to promote, reward, or highlight aspects of European culture and heritage.

What are the next steps?

Although the Culture programme ended in 2013, many activities are set to continue under the Creative Europe programme, which provides opportunities in both the culture and audiovisual sectors.

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