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Fields of activity

Architectural quality : a priority for the EU
Measures in support of architects
International action in the field of architecture
Visual arts
Training, creativity and mobility of artists
Awareness and dissemination of works
Preservation of works
International cultural cooperation
Cinema and audiovisual media
Training in cinema and audiovisual media
Development and distribution of works
Preservation of cinema and audiovisual media
Legal and financial environment
Education in the visual image
Cooperation with third countries
Training of dancers
Creation and dissemination of dance
Social integration through dance
Education and training in the arts
Learning and taking part
Training for culture-related careers
Books, accessing culture
Legislation applying to books
Books in the digital age
Composing and disseminating music
Music professionals
Cultural heritage
Cultural heritage as a vehicle of cultural identity
Cultural heritage as a factor in economic development
Cultural cooperation

Familiarity with the theatre


National Cultural Sites
Culture ministries and portals in the European Union
European Economic Area
Acceeding Countries
Candidate Countries


Europe in action

Cultural cooperation
Toward a European cultural area
In the other European programmes
Cultural industries
Support programmes
A competition-friendly environment
Cultural industries in third countries
Access to culture
Cultural education and training
Raising cultural awareness
Learning about linguistic diversity
The culture professionals
Training and mobility of professionals
Culture and employment
Cultural facilities
Technological facilities
Linguistic diversity
Languages, opening doors to cultures
Preserving, enhancing and disseminating languages
International cooperation
Regulatory aspects
Culture and the internal market
Culture and competition law
International law and culture
International relations
Cultural partnerships with non-member countries
Partnerships with international organisations

Intercultural Dialogue

Cultural diversity
International level
Unesco negociations

Community funding
European Commission :
Information Society
Education and Culture
Employment and Social Affairs
Regional Policy
European Development Fund

European Investment Bank

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