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Cinema and audiovisual media

Through its various programmes, the European Union's audiovisual policy addresses various aspects of cinema and audiovisual media: thanks to training for professionals, support for the production and distribution of works in Europe and third countries, maintenance of archives, regulations and education in the visual image, cinema and the audiovisual media are not only promoters of culture but also competitive industries which create jobs.

The new Media Programme (2007-2013) is the fourth multi-annual programme since 1991 (past programmes) and has a budget of € 755 million.
MEDIA 2007 (2007-2013): A big push for Europe's audiovisual industry

Half of the European films you watch in cinema are shown with the support of MEDIA.

Training in cinema and audiovisual media
Development and distribution of works
Preservation of audiovisual and cinema heritage
Legal and financial environment
Education in the visual image
Cooperation with third countries

Last update: 02-03-2007