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Cultural industries in third countries

Under its cooperation agreements with third countries, the EU supports the development of cultural industries: crafts, tourism, audiovisual media, etc. This support is particularly strong in the partnerships formed with the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries and with those in the Mediterranean region.

Cultural development is thus one of the priorities of the Cotonou partnership agreement covering 77 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries: assistance is given to promote cultural identities and intercultural dialogue, protect and develop heritage and obtain market access for these countries' cultural productions.
In particular, the EU funds a support programme for cultural events from these countries in Europe with a view to opening up commercial outlets for cultural works and creating networks of professionals in the field of culture.
It also finances a cinema support programme to support the production, distribution and promotion of films, for example through festivals organised in Europe.

The audiovisual industry in the Mediterranean countries is also supported by the "Euromed Audiovisual" programme, while the aim of the "Euromed Heritage" programme is to preserve and develop heritage, including the tourist dimension.

Finally, the European Commission is an associate member of Audiovisual Eureka, an intergovernmental organisation comprising 35 European countries. Its main role is to help develop a European area for cooperation and exchanges in the audiovisual sector, including the countries of central and eastern Europe.
It is also a member of the European Audiovisual Observatory, whose goal is to provide professionals with better information on the audiovisual industry and markets.

Last update: 02-05-2007