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Technological facilities

The Community cultural action includes the creation of facilities for the management and dissemination of cultural items in digital form and their commercial utilisation.
• Management and dissemination of cultural works in digital form
• Using European cultural digital content

Management and dissemination of cultural works in digital form
The use of digital technologies for managing and disseminating cultural works is supported under the User-friendly Information Society research programme, which is part of the Sixth Framework Programme for Research, in particular in the areas relating to "multimedia content and tools" and "essential technologies and infrastructures".

In this context, cultural institutions such as museums, libraries and archives create tools for new methods of storing, managing and disseminating digital images and increasing access to European works of art, such as the "Tourbot" project, which provides access to virtual exhibitions. The IST programme also funds several excellence and awareness-raising networks on the use of technologies by museums, libraries and archives, such as the DELOS network dedicated to digital libraries.
In particular, the IST programme finances Minerva, a network composed of the Ministers of Member States, the aim of which is to develop different activities of digitalisation.

Under the 6th framework program of research, the Minerva network has been extended to Minerva Plus and also includes the new EU Member States.

The dissemination of cultural goods and services in digital form is promoted by the programmeeTEN, which supports the deployment of telematics and trans-European services in areas of common interest, such as education and culture.

Using European cultural digital content
The aim of the e-content programme is to stimulate the European market for digital products and services. Activities funded under this programme include trials of tools for managing, accessing, distributing and exploiting digital content in the area of culture and the associated rights. It also focuses on multilingual access to multimedia products and services distributed on digital networks and their localisation.

The MEDIA programme provides support for the creation of catalogues of European audiovisual works in digital format for use via the new digital media.

The ERDF's innovative actions include a section on the information society within which facilities projects can be funded (e.g. virtual museums).

Last update: 03-05-2006