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Stakeholder dialogue

What is it about?

As outlined in the European Agenda for Culture, the Commission is committed to strengthening dialogue with organisations from the culture sector.

Why is it needed?

The Structured Dialogue with the culture sector provides a framework for exchanging views and information, and ensures that the voice of civil society organisations is heard. The dialogue between stakeholders and decision-makers complements the dialogue between decision-makers which takes place through the Open Method of Coordination (OMC).

What is the Commission's Role?

In order to strengthen dialogue with civil society in the culture sector, the Commission:

  • Organises a European Culture Forum every two years to bring together stakeholders and decision-makers to discuss key issues;
  • Develops a framework for more dialogue both within the sector and between the Commission and stakeholders about culture.
What has been achieved so far?

To date, the Commission has sucessfully organised three Culture Forums since 2009, and has regulary met and discussed with stakeholders, in various contexts. From 2008 to 2013, the Structured Dialogue included recurrent exchanges with three ad hoc platforms:

The Commission also works with a network of experts in the field of culture, which provides studies and analytical reports.

What are the next steps?

Dialogue with the culture sector will continue to be supported by the Creative Europe programme, where opportunities exist for projects, networks, and platforms in the culture sector.

A renewed form of Structured Dialogue will take place from 2015, and will include a series of thematic meetings involving different stakeholders on a variety of key topic in the field of culture.