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The Story of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 (EYID)

EYID 2008 was a year of projects, festivals, debates, information campaigns, competitions, articles, speeches, networking and reflection all aimed at:

  1. raising public awareness in Europe and beyond of the need for intercultural dialogue to help us adapt to an increasingly mixed and complex world.
  2. involving many people in exploring what intercultural dialogue means in their daily life
  3. promoting the role of intercultural dialogue in:
    • increasing mutual understanding
    • exploring the benefits of cultural diversity
    • fostering active European citizenship and a sense of European belonging

Who was involved?

One of the striking features of the Year was the active involvement of a wide array of local, regional and national associations and other representatives of civil society – in keeping with the bottom-up, participatory approach, involving:

  1. European Commission (coordinator) and other EU institutions
  2. national coordinating bodies – responsible for implementation in EU countries
  3. national governments, regional and local authorities in EU countries
  4. 1200 civil society partners – associations and networks that spread key messages, engaged people in debate and shared the results of their work on intercultural dialogue
  5. specially appointed ambassadors – European and national cultural figures – tasked with raising awareness of the importance and benefits of intercultural dialogue
  6. pan-European media partners

EU funding and support

The Year had a dedicated budget of €10m, for:

  1. 7 flagship EU projects
  2. A national project in each EU country
  3. Other EU initiatives

Hundreds of other projects received – and continue to receive – funding through other EU programmes, e.g. Culture, Lifelong Learning, Youth in action, Europe for citizens, Progress, European Integration Fund.

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Official documents
Decision No 1983/2006/EC