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Past European Capitals of Culture

• In 2010, Essen for the Ruhr (Germany), Pécs (Hungary) and Istanbul (Turkey) shared the title European Capital of Culture.

• In 2009, Linz 2009 (Austria) and Vilnius 2009 (Lithuania) were the European Capitals of Culture.

• European Capitals of Culture: from the very beginning

1985: Athens

1990: Glasgow

1995: Luxembourg

1986: Florence

1991: Dublin

1996: Copenhagen

1987: Amsterdam

1992: Madrid

1997: Thessaloniki

1988: Berlin

1993: Antwerp

1998: Stockholm

1989: Paris

1994: Lisbon

1999: Weimar

2000: Avignon, Bergen, Bologna, Brussels, Helsinki, Krakow, Reykjavik, Prague, Santiago de Compostela. (final report)

2001: Porto and Rotterdam

2005: Cork

2002: Bruges and Salamanca

2006: Patras (final report)

2003: Graz

2007: Luxembourg and Sibiu

2004: Genoa and Lille

2008: Liverpool and Stavanger

European Cultural Months
Between 1992 and 2003, some European cities were chosen by the Council to host a cultural event similar to but shorter than the European Capital of Culture event. This initiative was called the European Cultural Month.

1992: Krakow

1995: Nicosia

1998: Linz and Valetta

1993: Graz

1996: St. Petersburg

1999: Plovdiv

1994: Budapest

1997: Ljubljana

2000:   ———

2001: Basel and Riga

2002:   ———

2003: St. Petersburg

In depth

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Official documents

European Capital of Culture for the years 2007 to 2019

Study on the European Cities and Capitals of Culture and the European Cultural Months
Palmer report