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Support for analysis and dissemination activities

To maximise the benefits from the projects which receive EU funding, the results need to be communicated as widely as possible. It is also important to regularly assess whether the objectives are being met.

This is precisely the purpose of strand three (about 5% of the programme’s budget). It supports analysis and dissemination activities in three ways.

Firstly, this strand supports studies to help improve understanding of European cultural co-operation and the conditions which help it to flourish. Subjects such as the mobility of cultural workers, the circulation of works of art and artistic and cultural products, and intercultural dialogue are of particular interest.

Secondly, the programme supports cultural contact points in each participating country. Their function is to promote the Culture programme locally and raise awareness of its activities and the opportunities it offers among potential participants and citizens at large in each participating countries.

These culture points  also exchange information with national cultural institutions and organisations, maintain contact with the participants in EU programmes and liaise with other sources of information.

Lastly, the collection and dissemination of information on the various EU-funded cultural activities and projects is intended to raise public awareness across the EU of this important field and to ensure that projects have a maximum impact. 

An internet tool, EVE, has been developed which aims to facilitate the exchange of experience and good practice about cultural projects as well as projects under the other programmes in the field of DG Education and Culture.
Please click here for access to the EVE database tool.

This category also supports organisations involved in cultural analysis groupings and cooperation projects between private or public organisations which have direct and practical experience in the analysis, evaluation, or impact assessment of cultural policies at local, regional, national and/or European levels, related to one or more of the 3 objectives of the European Agenda for culture